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In the last 18 months, we’ve grown our practice over 120 visits a week. I’m not only excited about that, but showing up at work every day, with a full busy schedule, with new people coming to the door choosing chiropractic for the sole purpose that it’s good for them, strengthening and building my community, being able to pass that passion, that systematized approach to my team, allowing us to express our vision in our community… has been nothing short of miraculous.

I can’t thank Dr. Stephen enough. If you’re looking to bring on a coach or a mentor to guide you, I can tell you that my experience has been exceptional.

- Dr. Jaime Richards, CEO of Life By Design, Owner of Richards Family Chiropractic

Dr. Franson has been a mentor of mine for 11 years now. As a student he provided me with a clear vision of how Chiropractic transforms lives. His passion and fire for what he does is unparalleled. Six years into my personal practice I found myself burned out. So naturally I chose Dr. Franson to be my coach. After 6 months of coaching, I can say that my passion for what I do has returned.

For the first time in practice, I feel like I am no longer in my own way. He has re-established protocols and procedures that have revitalized my practice and myself. Personally I'm happier. I have better balance with my work and family because I have a coach that practices what he preaches.

Professionally, I now run my business like a business. I have protocols and procedures that allow for better communication. With Dr. Franson's coaching my patients just don't believe in Chiropractic, they truly understand chiropractic.

Collections are up weekly volume is up, retention is up my marketing is streamlined, my stats reflect my practice and I love what I do again. Every coach that I have ever had, coach from the sidelines. Having a coach that is still in the game really helps.

- Chris Hauck, Owner at Chiropractic Solutions


Our Credo

The Remarkable Practice is a home for Principled Chiropractors who refuse to accept the status quo. We know that the world desperately needs our help – and we understand that the time is now and the chance is ours. We also know that this opportunity comes with responsibility – and we embrace this fact.

We have the answer to the world’s health problems in our hands. We have a sacred duty to carry that answer to our town, our region and to the world.

The Remarkable Practice provides the systems, tools, training and techniques that empower DC’s worldwide to build successful practices and forever improve the health and lives of our patients.

Together we will convert 1 MILLION new patients to Chiropractic Care – and we will do it by empowering YOU – a Remarkable Chiropractor – to LIVE a Remarkable LIFE while building your Remarkable Practice.

I’m here to help, because frankly Doc, we’re in the business of saving lives… so when business is good, EVERYBODY wins.

Let’s Be Remarkable!

Stephen Franson, DC - Founder, The Remarkable Practice

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