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Can I have 20 bucks? I am not going to give it back, in fact, it’s absolutely unrecoverable.  It’s not really going to go towards anything worthwhile, honestly.  I am just going to blow it – on nothing, absolutely nothing.  In fact, how about $60?

Time is the great equilibrator.  Everyone gets exactly the same amount, everyday.  This is a highly unique quality of time.  With the exception of the day that you are born and the day that you die, you get exactly 1440 minutes to spend.  Everyone, everyday.

How will you spend it?

I’ll suggest that we would all do better with our time management if we had a “Time Register” that functioned like our Check Register.  Every morning at 12:00 am 1440 minutes gets deposited into our Life Time Account, which of course was emptied the day before.  What’s your plan – your budget?

How will you leverage this resource?  Do you invest it? (Think study, rest, explore, experience, relate…) or will you squander it? (Think waste, worry, fear, regret, retreat…)

We would all do well to examine our “spending habits”.  The Heath Brothers introduce the concept of Grasp and Twist in their book Switch.   Teach a new concept by using another widely understood concept (Grasp) and then make a slight adjustment to convey the new idea (Twist).

Each moment is spent like a dollar.  Every minute is invested in something. And in its own unique way, time is given to everyone equally; it cannot be stored or hoarded. It cannot be recovered or regained.  It can only be used to purchase experiences. Minute by minute.

Now breathe and go do something worthwhile.

Dr. Stephen Franson

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