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Referrals are the life-blood of any Remarkable Practice. There is no greater complement to a DC and their team than Chiropractic Patient Referrals from friends or loved ones.

Simply put, referrals are the natural consequence of delivering value and satisfying the wants and needs of your patient community.

There is no greater biomarker of a healthy practice with effective processes than patient referrals. Our goal should always be to generate as many referrals as possible regardless of what level we are at in practice.

There are 3 basic categories of Referrals:

  1. Organic Referrals
  1. Process Driven Referrals
  1. Internal Promotion Driven Referrals

First let’s unpack the Organic Referral.

Rule #1: Happy patients refer more patients. Basically, if your people are happy, I mean truly happy, they will send others to you, bottom line. This means they are happy with your care, your process, their results and your team. Even if just one of those things is off the mark, there will be hesitation to share with loved ones.

This is what makes getting the right team and your processes down so vital to your practice’s success. Regardless of any internal marketing initiatives or tactics, you will find this to be true: Satisfied patients will naturally promote chiropractic and your services. They appreciate what you do for them and they will tell their family or friends.

But, when your community’s health and wellness depends on your message getting through to them loud and clear – You cannot rest on the laurels of this natural, passive influx of New Patients.

Let me reiterate – despite this truth – you can’t depend on a natural and passive referral process.

Although we are thrilled to receive them – Passive, Organic Referrals are only one piece of the Referral Formula.

Now we will review process driven patient referrals.

It is estimated that each of us interacts – and therefore influences – an average of 47 unique individuals every day. This is a huge opportunity.

In order to be effective at referrals, we must be highly deliberate in generating patient referrals in our practices. Your patients should be tripping over the opportunities to refer friends and family to your practice regularly.

Ideally, you and your team create an acute awareness and clear consciousness around referral throughout the New Patient Attraction, Conversion and Retention Processes.

Every step in your patient education must be leveraged to create the opportunity for someone to share chiropractic with someone that they know.

As we’ve already mentioned, everyone has an impressive circle of influence – family, friends, co-workers – all who desperately need someone to step in and show them a better way to better health through chiropractic.

Here is where we come in! It’s our job to bring this fact to the forefront of their consciousness and equip them to share the truth and recruit their circle.

This is Job #1 for EVERYONE on your Team.

From the Front Desk to the Back Office to the Doctor themselves, everyone must appreciate the opportunity and responsibility to promote chiropractic as a great opportunity for patients to bring health to their friends and family.

Let’s take a closer look at generating chiropractic patient referrals in the patient process.

There are literally infinite opportunities to ask for referral throughout your relationship with every patient, but today we will go over some more effective techniques. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and your team to try each one – and even come up with more on your own!


Here goes…

When delivering Outside Talks, you have the perfect opportunity to request patient referrals on the spot.

If you offer family discounts or special rates for multiple family members, be sure to mention friends and family in your offer or CTA. You will be surprised how many people take advantage of the opportunity to share the offer immediately after your talk!

When doing Spinal Screenings – notice and seek the attention of family members or friends that may be accompanying the person that you are screening.

Get those accompanying them involved in the screening process and harness the energy of the group in the environment. It is much more likely they will schedule together, so be keenly aware of this opportunity.

Again, offer Family Discounts or Special Group Rates for your consultations at every screening event

During a New Patient phone call, always ask:

“Is this appointment for you or for your entire family?”

Believe it or not, many people will easily schedule their children or entire family right then and there. At the very least – you introduced the concept and seeded the idea for future family check-ups.

Another great tip, is to be sure to make your new patient Intake forms available to your New Patients to be filled out at home – either through your website, email or as an attachment. This form should gather info about the family, children and/or pregnancies.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on example New Patient forms; consider learning more about joining as a member to our TRP DC academy here.

During the new patient tour, point out the Kids Corner or Chiro Family Pictures or Testimonials. What better way to introduce the concept of children and families getting checked and being treated together at the practice? Be sure to emphasize and promote the check-up though, don’t run right into the idea of care for everyone, yet.

ABC…Always be converting…to the NEXT STEP ONLY.

When reviewing the Success Story, be sure to include statements such as, “this patient was referred to us by XYZ friend.” These subtly will go a long way in conversation.

Encourage the spouse to Attend Report of Findings as a critical step in the process.

This will accomplish at least 3 things:

  1. It will help convert the primary patient, families make big decision together.
  2. It will introduce the spouse to chiropractic and your practice.
  3. If there are children involved – having both parents engaged will certainly help in getting the kids checked

During the check-out process on Day 1, extend a Referral Coupon to all New Patients. Let them know that this coupon will afford the recipient to receive the same awesome consultation and exam experience they just received.

At the report of findings on your ‘Day 2’ be sure to mention Family check-ups once a person sees their results and owns their problem. Parents will readily schedule their children and eagerly tell others when they realize the implications of subluxation in their health. This is especially true if you are dealing with older issues that have apparent degeneration and other long-standing complications. .

I also recommend instituting a Family Check Up Policy.

We extend a consultation and exam to all family members at no charge when done within 2 weeks of the First Family Members report of findings appointment. This makes is much easier for families to make the decision to act immediately.

You should focus on creating a compelling reason for parents to want to get their kids checked. Do not rely on a “discounted rate” / “free check-up” or a mandatory

I suggest structuring your payment plans with families in mind with Family Financial Plans.

Do not discount the child’s rate, but rather consider using the multiple family member strategy where there is a First Family Member Rate – and then and Additional Family Member Rate for all additional family members.

Parents will more readily pay for care for their children than they will for themselves when they truly understand chiropractic and WANT their children checked. Focus on creating value – not on creating bargains.

Your first and second day processes with new patients should be littered with opportunities to double and triple your impact in your community and grow your practice through referrals. It starts with your Intention and during this pivotal time period with patients.

Herein lies where you can make the impact on your community!

Remember: Asking for referral is an act of kindness.