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Lately, we’ve been discussing how to use Body Signals and conduct workshops and today we’re going to deep dive into the very specific and crucial details of How To Begin Chiropractic Body Signals Workshops

If you haven’t watched it already, you won’t want to miss last week’s blog share: a value-packed video discussion with Dr. Jason Deitch on How To Implement Body Signals In Your Practice.

Now, remember, these workshops are the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to build your practice and double your impact in your community.

Whether you are doing a Dinner Talk, an Outside Health Talk or Corporate Wellness Program; the following methodology is Purpose-Driven and Principle-Based and the content is field-tested and battle-hardened. The process has proven itself by building some of the most successful practices in the world – including ours – as the single most important Marketing Methodology available to Chiropractors today.

So, let’s get your workshops started, literally.

Before the workshop, ask a trusted insider to give a 2-minute introduction of the workshop. Coach them beforehand with a few bullets to hit taken from your bio about yourself and your mission. This person may be your host at a corporation or a patient at your practice. Make the effort to connect w them and equip them with content for your introduction.

Next provide a Patient Testimonial

Before you get up there, ideally you want to have a patient testimonial lasting 3-5 minutes. This person may or may not be the person you trusted to introduce you. Be certain they hit the following bullets:

  • What was their life like / their challenge before they discovered chiropractic (and you) – be as specific as they are comfortable (symptom and life effect)
  • Who referred them / How did they find you?
  • What were they thinking / concerned about / afraid of before they met you
  • How was the Exam Process? (Unique and Fascinating)
  • Did they learn about the cause of their health problem?
  • What results have they seen? How is life different / better now?
  • (Life Effect) – What should people do if they are curious??? (Schedule a Consultation!)

Now it’s your turn to start with a (maybe funny) opening.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Stephen Franson and I’m a Wellness Expert. Thank you for asking me to be with you here today…. I’m curious…

(If at a “Dinner Talk” = DT or at a “Business/Org” = BZ)

DT: How many of you are here today because a neighbor, a friend, a loved one, invited you to come here? (Raise your hand)

DT: And how many of you are here because you heard the food is amazing? (LAUGH)

BZ: How many of you are here today because you woke up this morning and said, “Hey, wait a minute – today is the Health and Wellness Class at work – Nice!”…(?)

BZ: And how many of you are here because you heard that I was buying lunch?” (Raise your hand) So, the fact that you are here tells me a few things about you.

(DT) Someone actually cares enough about you and your health to invite you

(DT) Or that someone is simply sick of hearing you complain about your health.

(BZ) Your being here tells me that your health is a priority….AND

(DT/BZ) That you are an ACTION TAKER. You are NOT a person who lets outside circumstances to interfere with advancing your health.

Chiropractic Audience Enganging

So let’s recognize you for making your health and this time a priority.

In the next (30) minutes you are going to discover the most effective way – the most powerful way – and the most natural way – to be healthy.

Once you discover what the information that I am going to share with you today can do for you, such as:

  • Gaining more energy
  • Reducing sickness
  • Being pain free
  • Dramatically decreasing your chances of needing surgery
  • Being impacted by diseases like cancer, heart disease or diabetes (The diseases that are robbing people like your family and friends of life and leading to early death for 5 out of 6 Americans today!)
  • Maximize your health potential once and for all

By a show of hands, how many people want that? (RAISE YOUR HAND)

You’ve made a commitment to be here today and I appreciate that. I want you to get the most out of this time as possible, so I am going to ask another commitment of you.

Be really, truly present, listen and most of all think.

Look, I’ve been doing these talks for almost 20 years and I’ve noticed a pattern. Patients who get the most out of this talk are the ones who engage with me. It is just like going to the gym. You see 2 guys go into the gym; one guy just talks and talks – the social guy – and the other guy is running, lifting, moving, sweating and panting.

Who do you think is going to get the best results? The one that is ENGAGED! Right?. While the other guy is wasting everybody’s time. (Say YES if you know this guy…)

In my experience, the same will happen here today. If you are engaged with me you are going to learn more about this info – and you will get more out of it – which is all I want for you.

So how many of you are committed to participate, by a show of hands?

Now it’s time to share a personal story with your audience. YOUR STORY. Here is my approach:

I attend a lot of seminars and conferences and in my experience, I always get more out of the message when I feel like I know more about the “Messenger”. So, can I share a little of my story so that you know where I am coming from? (Insert your story here)

Once you’ve shared your story, it’s time to level with the audience by asking engaging questions.  

“So let me start with a couple of questions. I’m curious; what do you think… Do we live in a healthy or sick country? In other words, are Americans healthy or sick?”

(Affirm their answer.) “You’re right.” (Discuss stats, evidence, talk about cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, drugs, etc…)

  • Who, spends the most? Takes the most drugs?
  • Where does US rank in Health in the World?
  • Who is frustrated by this? Finds this unacceptable?

If you are like me, you find it totally unacceptable.

Here you could create a connection between our national debt and health crisis.

Sometimes problems get so big that we can’t relate. Maybe it’s that is so disturbing we feel over whelmed or we just disconnect from it to protect ourselves. “Its not my problem..” Right?

But I am not going to let you do that, because this is about you. It’s about you – and you family – and your kids. It is our problem, isn’t it?

Here might be a good place to show a slide with the latest research from the CDC where they explain that Life Expectancy has gone down.

So…do we live in a healthy or sick country? (Let them answer again.) Yeah, it’s not working. Sick. (Don’t move on to question 2 until they’ve got question 1. All in agreement that we’re sick.)

Question: “Are you as healthy as you want to be?” How about your family? Your Children? As a doctor – in my experience – the answer is over-whelming – NO. And from what I’ve seen…there are three reasons why we are in a health crisis…Would you like to know what they are?

1. The first reason is that people don’t take responsibility for their health. Who is in charge of their health? Their spouse, their doctor, the system? Your insurance carrier? Ultimately who is responsible for your health? It’s you, right?

2. The second reason is that we have the wrong definition of health. I’m healthy if….what? I look good, I feel good – so I must be healthy. I must be free of disease – right?. (This is where you break down the concept and highlight the false definition.)

So, tell me…what does cancer feel like? How about heart disease? What does diabetes feel like?

Let me ask you, by the time that you “feel” any of these. Are you in trouble or in trouble? How many of you want to learn a new definition of health so that you and your loved ones don’t have to struggle with disease? (Show of hands)

3. “#3…” what is The Third Reason we are in a health crisis?…Does anyone know the 3rd reason?…Ok – I’ll tell you later at the end. I will come back to that. If I forget, please remind me. It’s the most important one.”

Stay tuned to not only find out how to handle #3 at the end of the workshop, but also to learn the proven ways to transition into the bod of your workshop and then, most importantly, the CLOSE.