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As promised, this week we will go over the final portion of the workshop. I talk specifically about how to effectively close your body signals workshops to get new patients to book their initial consult on site. You will notice I strongly utilize case studies and engagement with the audience to make a real impact. So, let’s get started!

Typically after going over my first 9 Laws of Health, I then bring up 2-3 case studies and walk the audience through their individual stories. I lead with their life before chiropractic and any conditions or symptoms they experienced. We highlight their effect on quality of life and things they tried, but failed. We might discuss how they found me and what happened during the initial exam and consultation.

Next I go over what we did together to get this person back on track for their health and what affect this had over time. Each of our three cases are typically somewhat different, allowing several people to relate. Each case study should end with the person’s life effect = happiness on all levels!

Here is where the rubber meets the road in the close of a workshop. It’s time to let these stories truly resonate with the crowd. You might say, “Do these stories remind you of anyone in your life? How many of you were thinking of the people in your life who need to hear this message?”

But NOW, let’s get back to the 10th Law of Health we promised. [From here on out I will write as if I am speaking as if I am speaking to the crowd…]


Do I really need to expand on this one? Who agrees with me? (Hands Up)

This can be true for a lot of us in different areas of our life – but most commonly when it comes to our health.

For instance, at this point there are two groups of people in the room:

1 – There is one group here that IS satisfied with their health outcomes. They like the way that they look and are happy with how they feel and function. They are as healthy as they want to be and they want to keep doing what they’ve been doing, because they want to keep getting what they’ve been getting!

2 – But then there is a second group: a group of you who are NOT happy with the health outcomes that you’ve been getting. You do NOT like the way that you look, how you feel and/ or how you function. You are NOT as healthy as you want to be and neither is your family or your kids. Ultimately, you do NOT want to keep doing what you’ve been doing, because you do NOT want to keep getting what you’ve been getting. If that is you, you are my focus. I am speaking with you right now.

I’d love to meet with you and talk about your health concerns. Specifically, what health questions you have and the issues that you are facing. What do you want to accomplish? What do you yearn to get back to doing?

Let’s discuss how we may be able to help you get your health back so that you can get your life back.

And I want to make that easier for you today. We all know there are barriers or excuses that keep us from taking action and reaching our goals. Often times, we tell ourselves stories that prevent us from having the health and the life that we want.

So tell me your story! What would keep you from taking action?

Over the last 20 years I’ve heard them all. Some of us are too busy and have no time to worry about our health. [Isn’t it funny how we can find time for a good crisis though?]

It may be that we’re intimidated or it’s too hard. I’d like to ask you this: Is what you’re doing right now easy?

Or many of us will say its money and that a lifestyle change is expensive. But, we all know that there is nothing more expensive than getting sick.

Regardless, let me make this jump easier for you:

My offer is The Health Break-Through Experience. It includes the consultation and examination, which is valued at $285, but for coming today you will only pay $47.

Which includes: Consultation and Examination (describe in detail for your practice).

special offer!

There is definitely a catch. Remember when I told you that I would share the #3 Reason we have a health crisis in our country today? (in your presentation)

The third reason is PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination is the #1 barrier to people taking action and having the health and living the life that they want. It is said that “Procrastination is the enemy of success.” As a Doctor I can tell you that that is definitely true in health.

The 5 most dangerous words in healthcare are:

“Maybe it will go away…”

How many people here have tried to ignore their way out of a problem in the past?

How has that gone so far? When we do that – do problems get worse or get worse?

Issues only become more complex and more difficult and expensive to solve.

So, to avoid the pitfall of procrastination altogether, I am taking that off the table. How? I am only making this $47 offer valid today.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity at this savings – you’ve got to take action today and schedule your exam.

If you wake up tomorrow and say, “You know what – that Franson guy is right – I wonder what my spine and nervous system look like – I want to get in there and check things out…I’m going to give them a call”…that will be great – but it will be $285.

From here you might introduce your CA and say she/he has my schedule and will gladly get you booked up. There are only X number of spots, so please if you are not serious about taking this leap, do not take someone else’s spot. But if you know you’d like to have a consultation with us please schedule today with my CA (insert name).

Of course, we all end with a big thank you to our hosts and for those coming to listen to us. But this concludes my version of the how to close or end your workshop to get new patients into your doors.