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The end of December is one of our most favorite times of year and it’s not just the holidays that excite us. Each year we launch our 2018 Body Signals marketing calendar and the awesome assets that come along with the program to our TRP Academy Members.

*If the thought of creating and implementing systems seem overwhelming, TRP Academy can help with transforming your practice!

We pre-empt their New Year marketing strategy with 12 topics for all 12 months of the year. We know that having these topics pre-selected each month is powerful. This program helps everyone in the office get focused and stay ahead of the game – another awesome system to keep the flow of your practice smooth.

The Body Signals workshop is focused specifically on symptoms or conditions for our patients.

Let’s face it, even on our best day – over 80% of our New Patients present with some kind of issue or symptom they want to get rid of the most. Symptoms are the Health Care Marketplace language. If we don’t speak it, then we miss out on a huge opportunity to reach this population.

This massive population of people are highly engaged and prequalified. They are LOOKING for your help, they just don’t know it yet. We talk quite a bit about leading with our own message in the marketplace, which may sound confusing when we utilize a symptom-based workshop calendar as part of our marketing. But you must lead with deliberation and you have to connect with these people seeking a solution.

Bottom line, we must “meet the market” and reach people where they are here and now.

Then and only then can we “build the bridge” between what they want and what they need. Put simply: People want to look good, feel great and function better. Your job is to show them you can help them get that.

We’ve discussed before that we refer to symptoms as Body Signals. We teach our patients that their bodies are smart. They need to know that their body will communicate with them with feelings and sensations. We teach them about symptoms and conditions and we teach them how to interpret their symptoms.

So, we developed our fantastic Patient Education Campaign – The Body Signals Program.

The Body Signals Condition-Specific Workshop Series creates the ideal platform to attract new patients struggling with the most common ailments and health issues. Using it creates clarity in the conversion process and a deeper understanding for Active Practice Members around their symptoms. We focus on how their choices, behaviors, and Chiropractic as a whole play important roles in helping them get what they want.

Here we provided simply the titles of our 2018 Marketing calendar for Body Signals. For TRP Coaching Client and/or Academy Members the body signals modules are updated for 2018 calendar year. You can find the updated assets inside our Academy each quarter throughout the year.

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MEMBERS: You can also upgrade to get the body signals service! We’ve partnered with Dr Jason Deich to get you automatic social media posts and Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid  for evidence content and training. Ask us how.

Look, sick and struggling people are in your community and they are seeking help, but they only speak one language: symptoms. That is all that they have ever been taught. Only you can step in the gap and connect these people with the truth.

The Body Signals Program creates a platform and a language for you to reach those people who will otherwise be lost forever in the sickness and drug vortex called Modern Healthcare.

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Body Signals Workshop Program