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Docs ask me all of the time; ‘Should we be talking about symptoms – or not?’ We know symptoms are the body’s way of communicating to us. People want to look good, feel great and function better. This is why in our office we call them BODY SIGNALS.

Your job is to show them you can help them. As their health adviser, you must be able to CONNECT WITH AND RESONATE WITH those people who are actively seeking a solution to a problem.
We teach our patients that their bodies are smart and that their body will communicate with them by feelings and sensations. We teach them about symptoms and conditions and how to interpret their symptoms.

The team at TRP developed a fantastic Patient Education Campaign around symptoms. We call it: The Body Signals Program and central to this initiative is the Body Signals Condition-Specific Workshop Series.

This series creates the ideal platform to Attract New Patients struggling with the most common ailments and health issues. It creates clarity in the conversion process and deepens understanding for our Active Practice Members around their symptoms, their choices and their behavior AND most importantly the role that chiropractic plays in helping them get the solutions to their problems.

There is no lack of people in your town actively seeking answers to their health problems. BUT they are focused on their symptoms and they are looking for specific answers from qualified experts.

Ask yourself:

  • Will they to find you?
  • Are they going to connect with the real expert in your town?
  • How will they discover the truth about real health and healing?
  • Are they going to hear it from you?

If you want to reach these people then you are going to have to learn how to talk to them and make it easier for them to learn from you.

Body Signals Workshops are the perfect example of how to make it easier for people to learn from you AND promote your care.

By following the Body Signals Promotional Calendar – You will be leveraging a system that allows you to create a powerful structure for patient education as well as an effective Promotional Structure.

This will make it easier for you to put butts-in-seats at your events and fill your schedule with New Patient Consultations.

The truth is capturing your patients attention is hard and keeping their attention, month after month, is even harder.

Maybe you have monthly workshops already (and you should!) But have you ever felt like your promotional events or messages were falling on deaf ears?

Do you find it hard to fill workshops or gain referrals from their friends and family? Maybe you sometimes feel like you are not speaking their language.

It’s because you probably are not! If we are not careful – we can be speaking a totally different language.

You see, we are typically speaking from a different set of core values, a different paradigm and therefore, perspective. If you are not aware of this, you can end up sounding totally irrelevant.

So let’s talk about symptoms.

Symptoms can be telling us we are moving away from health, but they can also tell us we are moving towards health!

Regardless, symptoms are an important form of “body communication”. We also know that the body is innately intelligent. Therefore, no matter what we need to pay attention to these Body Signals.

They don’t necessarily tell us:

  • IF someone needs to be adjusted.
  • WHEN they need to be adjusted.
  • WHERE they need to be adjusted.
  • WHY they need to be adjusted.

Yet they are important in the totality of our approach to optimal health – They should be noted, respected and interpreted, but they should not solely direct the journey.

At the end of the day, your patients certainly care about their symptoms.

No matter what you teach them. In most cases, it was a symptom or condition that brought them to you in the first place.

It’s likely that they started care, because they thought that you would help them solve their issue through this new approach called Chiropractic Care.

This is in part because, they were fed misinformation their whole lives shaping their belief system. But here and now, they committed to starting care with you! So you’ve got the rest of their life to teach them the truth and understand what their symptoms really mean.

And better yet: To tell others about you!

You are surrounded by sick and struggling people in your community that are actively seeking solutions to their problems, but they only speak one language: symptoms, because that is all that they have ever been taught.

Only you can step into this gap and connect these people with the truth.

The Body Signals Program will create a platform and a language for you to reach those people who will otherwise be lost forever in the sickness and drug vortex called Modern Healthcare.

It’s a Win-Win-Win situation when you can pinpoint their symptoms as signals for health problems AND you can uncover potential solutions to your patients – first and foremost by educating them about the truth about symptoms and health. In turn they should feel compelled to share their fantastic experience with friends and family!

But that exchange alone it not enough – it takes an intentional and structured program to create this beautiful dance between you and the patient that leads new patients in your office month by month.

Body Signals Promotion