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I am very “happy” to announce the launch of our long-awaited TheThirdBird Book of the Month Club!

The first book that we will feature is Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage.

In his Harvard University class by the same name; Shawn advanced the discussion around happiness and how it influences experiences and outcomes – and even predicts success.

What makes Shawn’s work unique is the over-riding narrative regarding the order of the happiness formula: Happiness first, and then success.

This flies in the face of traditional thought and intuition.  Most think that people are happy because they are successful in love, in school, at work, etc…as it turns-out; the experts had it backwards all along.

Achor takes the Wellness Paradigm to the field of psychology and turns it on its head.

He insists that better outcomes can be achieved for everyone if we expand our scope in healthcare beyond a limited focus on crisis care.  He suggests that when we study those “outliers” that are truly happy we can identify common behaviors that prime and promote the happiness that is clearly predictive of success.

And we agree with him.

Stay tuned for more this month on the Happiness Advantage.



Dr. Stephen Franson

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