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If your Boss of Today is the Check-In Chiropractic Assistant [CA], the Boss of Tomorrow is your Check-Out CA.

Their primary role in your practice is to protect, promote and enforce the office policies. Keep in mind, these office policies are the guardrails that protect the patients experience, longevity – and results.

The Check Out CA Role calls for someone that is kind and empathetic, yet steadfast in their commitment to the Mission of YOUR practice and the Premise that shapes all policies.

They must have an extremely high value for chiropractic care, a deep understanding and appreciation of the Patient Process. Most of all, they should have a sincere admiration of and great respect for the Doctor.

The Check Out Chiropractic Assistant is the Boss of Tomorrow, because their responsibilities shape the future of the clinic…

They are in charge of:

  1. Scheduling and MAPPING patients
  2. Workshop Attendance for patients and guests
  3. Family Check Ups
  4. All Financial Plans and Agreements

Because the Check-out Chiropractic Assistant is responsible for vital transactions…

They MUST be:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Great with numbers
  • Financially and personally responsible
  • Possess a positive and strong relationship with money

You cannot and should not have a person who has an issue discussing money involved in Care Plan discussions, transactions or collections on any level.

The best check-out Chiropractic Assistants know that their role is as much clinical as it is administrative and they are usually no-nonsense personality by nature.

NOTE: If you have just ONE front desk person, you must be certain that they possess the skills and traits outlined for a check-out Chiropractic Assistants. Why? Because the Check-Out CA is your lifeline to the future of your practice. If the system breaks down here, you are putting yourself and your practice in jeopardy.

Do not gamble on your check-out Chiropractic Assistant.

They simply can not lack these vital qualities when filling this role.

The Check-Out Chiropractic Assistant knows that nothing pushes a patient OUT of your office faster than allowing them to get out of integrity with any policy. Policies such as compliance issues, workshop attendance or adherence to financial agreements all fall under their umbrella of responsibility.

These are the domains of the check-out Chiropractic Assistants – The Boss of Tomorrow. When seeking and hiring for this role, be methodical and diligent with your interviewing and research process – it will pay off figuratively and literally.