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In the TRP Academy, we provide a thorough and detailed process for finding that perfect CA including specific Chiropractic Assistant Interview questions.

Today, we will share with you a fantastic tidbit from this value-packed manual. We call them the “Smart Questions” to ask during your chiropractic assistant interview.

These questions are very quick in nature and will tell you a lot about the way this person works and some important personality traits. The idea is to run through the list quickly asking them to choose which option BEST DESCRIBES the way THEY TAKE ACTION.

Be certain to mention there is no WRONG answer; it simply is an exercise in getting to know how their particular mind works.

Before you begin a screening process, highlight which answers are deal breakers for your particular role for your practice.

For example, if you have early morning hours, you will want a morning person. If you are looking for a back office CA to balance out a social butterfly at the front desk, you’re seeking a project person.

Each candidate will fall between one of the two options below.

“Are you…?”

  1. Project Starter or Project Finisher
  2. Morning Glory or Night Owl
  3. Idea Inventor or Idea Improver
  4. People Person or Project Person
  5. Decision Thinker or Decision Feeler
  6. Do Best-I-Can or Do-What-it-Takes
  7. Open with Others or Guarded with Others
  8. Public Introvert or Public Extrovert
  9. Money Spender or Money Saver
  10. Thrive Big Groups or Thrive Small Groups

These questions will tell you a lot about this person. Be aware of a candidate who is inconsistent with their answers. They may just be nervous or  insecure but they may not be answering honestly.

This may have opened your eyes about how calculated this interview process needs to be before you burn through 3-4 CAs in just a few years. Trust me, we’ve been there until we got smart and these smart questions are just the tip of the iceberg!

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