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Typically, a Docs first hire is the Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant – who, at minimum, plays 2 Major Roles:

Check-In AND Check Out Assistant.

The evolution of this position eventually divides it into two distinct positions in your office.

This “specialization” typically happens around a volume of 150 – 200 visits per week…depending of course on many cultural and clinical details of individual offices.

But, it is not uncommon for practices under 150 per week and beyond – to run beautifully with a single “Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant (CA)”.

For the sake of clarity and ease, I will segment the Front Desk CA roles and responsibilities into two separate and distinct segments…recognizing that it is very common that these 2 positions may be filled by one person at a time.

The Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant is the “Boss of Today”.

He or She is in charge of the Office Flow for the current day. They are analogous to a great Maitre D’ or Hostess at a fine restaurant…

SCHEDULER AND GATE KEEPER – They must know exactly who is scheduled to be in the practice that day and hour and what is happening with that patient, at what time.

This role is a multi-tasker’s paradise.

They must know exactly:

  • How to run your ship smoothly
  • What the schedule is for the day
  • When patients should be arriving
  • Who on your team is doing what service
  • Where every patient and team member is at each moment
  • The timing of each process
  • How to handle a hiccups in the process with ease

And because they are in charge, they must know how to effectively take charge of their responsibilities.

The Front Desk CA and/or Check in Chiropractic Assistant is the Boss of TODAY. They have to tell everyone, including you – the Doctor – exactly what to do any moment.

As the face of your clinic, they must be unwaveringly pleasant and exude a positive energy when communicating with your patients and staff.

Their effectiveness will heavily rely on their love for interacting with people. A successful Check-In CA will be friendly and welcoming, but STRONG in leadership skills and time management.

They are the Schedule Ninja in your office and they need 8 arms and 8 legs.

Check-In CA’s love interactions and being busy and are truly capable of doing 4 things at once without dropping any balls.

By choosing your CA, you are choosing your Boss for each day – so get ready to listen up and manage up!