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Chiropractic Practice

Over the last 15 years, I assisted thousands of docs in the successful launch of their chiropractic practice. During this time, I am grateful to have helped build some of the finest chiropractic teams in the world – all over the world. Lucky me!

Even now, I am regularly reminded of one fundamental truth —

If given the choice between:

  • A+ Systems
  • A+ Chiropractors
  • A+ Teams

I take A+ Teams every time…and win.

Your Team will have a greater influence on your practice’s sustainable growth than any other factor you could name. An “On Purpose Team” will stand beside you – and often in front of you – and help you build, serve and expand your practice. On a daily basis, a fantastic team will operate smoothly, making this look effortless to your patients.

Conversely, a Team made-up of off-purpose, disenchanted or disincentivized CA’s will stifle your chiropractic practice, cap your growth, flatten your energy, botch your daily operation – and quite possibly derail your mission.

Therefore…building the right Team in Your Chiropractic Practice is Mission Critical.

So, how do you do it?

That’s a loaded question that we comprehensively answer in our TRP Academy with over 76 modules that discuss team building at length, among many other resources. If you haven’t checked out the TRP Academy yet, now is the time to take an online tour.

What we’d like to discuss specifically today Chiropractic practice team building, is how to keep your practice running smoothly using competency checklists. You see, most issues with your team that arise are due to a lack of expectations and agreements between both parties – yourself and your team members.

We all generally know and we’ve discussed at some point the typical positions held in a practice. This includes several types of the Chiropractic Assistants (check in, check out, back office and your tech support). At times it can be hard to correctly divvy up as well as clarify precisely what is expected of each team member.

That’s where the Competency Checklist for your Chiropractic practice comes in to save the day (or year).

Think of building your team like building a sports team. There are distinct positions and each has a defined role or specific skill set required.  When designing your Team – think positions, skills, strengths… and then hire.

Work to be very clear and detailed around the roles and responsibilities of each Team Member.

Be aware of the specific skill-sets that each duty will require. The fact is, in order to be certain you’re looking for the right players, you need to have an outline of exactly what each position needs to be able to accomplish.

The competency checklist is something we swear by in practice. In these checklists, which are revisited regularly, are detailed responsibilities that each position is held accountable for. We make sure each person on the team was aware and in agreement with these responsibilities from day 1.

Otherwise, we are setting our entire chiropractic practice up for failure and we would only have ourselves to blame if the ship sinks.

We provide our TRP Academy members with individual competency checklists for each role in your chiropractic practice. OR you can utilize our master competency checklist for smaller teams. A master checklist includes all the responsibilities needed to operate the practice and members are assigned inside it. Then everyone is aware of each task needed to run the practice smoothly. When everyone is on the same page, they are certain of how to be successful in their role and it shines in their performance and attitude.

Remember, your practice will simply be a reflection of your energy and enthusiasm… And YOUR TEAM’s energy and enthusiasm. If your team is unclear of what is expected of them, their energy drains as they feel more and more scattered or uncertain. Their enthusiasm drops and your frustration builds.

Setting expectations and clarity from the get-go sets everyone up for success and growth of your practice, not to mention a much smoother daily operation.

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