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As a Chiropractor, you ultimately you want to deliver INFLUENTIAL and REMARKABLE chiropractic workshops, right? Now that you’ve built some rapport and got the crowd thinking, let’s get down to the real, rich education. It’s time to empower your current and prospective patients. By using what I call the 10 Laws of Health below, you will truly wake up the crowd, if you haven’t done so already in your introduction!

I often start with this statement:

“If you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to keep getting what you are getting.”

Then, I will point out that most patients I meet are not satisfied with their health results and they are ready for a better way or a different approach. So, I’d like to share now a list I crafted after 20 years of experience and 1,000s of patient stories, I call:


  1. YOU ARE DESIGNED TO BE HEALTHY. Healthy is normal and it is your default. Unhealthy is abnormal. 2000 successful generations came before you that prove it. 99.6% of us possess the genes to express perfect health at all times. Healthy is normal. Unhealthy is the norm.
  1. YOUR BODY IS SMART. There is an innate intelligence that runs your body. Innate intelligence keeps you healthy and heals your body. Health comes from the inside-out; not the outside-in. And so does sickness.
  1. THE NERVE SYSTEM IS THE MASTER SYSTEM. Your Innate Intelligence travels across the Nervous System. It is the communication system that helps us adapt to and deal with stress. The flow of that Intelligence or information across the nerves is what keeps us healthy and healing. All tissues, organs and organ systems rely on this nerve supply to function well and stay healthy.
  1. YOUR SPINE IS YOUR SUIT OF ARMOR. Your spine is your lifeline and it protects your nervous system (spinal cord) like a skull protects your brain. The skull is your helmet that protects your brain. Your spine is the suit of armor that protects your spinal cord. If you want to be healthy – you must have a healthy nervous system – if you want a healthy nervous system – you must have a healthy spine. Period.
  1. LIFE IS STRESSFUL – There are 3 types of stress that cause problems (subluxation).
  1. Thoughts – Mental stress
  2. Toxins – Our diet-style and habits / chemical stress
  3. Trauma – Accidents and habits / physical stress
    • Macro Trauma – Accidents
    • Micro – Bad Habits


Here is a good time to make an empathetic connection – be specific and relevant – about YOUR bad habits, such as sitting too much. When deciding this, think about your audience and how relevant your story is to their lives.

  1. STRESS CAUSES PROBLEMS IN THE SPINE: A CONDITION KNOWN AS SUBLUXATION. Subluxations create interference in the nervous system. Subluxations cause a breakdown in communication. This causes joint, tissue, inflammation, irritation – more stress , therefore a downward spiral.

LAWS OF SUBLUXATION: There are several laws of subluxation. You are either working with the law or against the law. These are not my laws; this is just the way it is. chiropractic workshops

  1. SUBLUXATION CAUSES HEALTH PROBLEMS: DYSFUNCTION THAT CAN MANIFEST AS SYMPTOMS AND CONDITIONS. Remember – the information flowing across the nerves is what keeps organs working properly. Like wires in a home, nerves go to specific organs and have specific functions. Any nerve interference creates dysfunction in that organ and the organ may not work right. This is Subluxation and it is very often the cause of disease. These diseases can rob you of health and life. Subluxations normally start silently and then eventually show signs and symptoms.

A short list of problems subluxations can cause:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Digestive problems
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Breathing conditions
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Stiffness and soreness in joints and muscles
  • Energy issues
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety and depression

You can then ask, do you anybody with these problems?

  1. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE SUBLUXATION? Here is where you want to build real value for your exam, so that your CLOSE is that much easier.

You don’t always feel it. Only chiropractors are trained to correct subluxation. There are objective criteria to find and analyze subluxation. Then you can explain objective criteria.

Chiropractors offer UNIQUE TESTING. ONLY YOU.

Who should get checked? Only people with spines and nervous systems.

Do you know any spineless people? They don’t need to get checked!

  1. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAVE SUBLUXATION? If you have a broken bone sticking out of your arm, please, do not come to see me! Head right into the Emergency Room. I am squeamish on that stuff and I am of no use to use if you walk in with a fish hook in your lip.

But if you are struggling with issues like heart burn, blood pressure issues or asthma or allergies, energy issues, sleep problems or anxiety or maybe the more obvious back pain, neck pain or headaches, I am your guy/gal. We get great results with these issues.

Chiropractors have a unique expertise. We are specialists in finding and correcting Subluxation.

We specialize in correcting these issues, so that the spine can heal and stay healthy. If we can correct the problems in the nervous system, your body can heal itself. Then our patients can get rid of their pain, correct their health issues and get back to doing the things that they want to do without dangerous drugs or surgery.


Let this sink in a bit for you. How would you work with this list? Where do you find yourself to be most relevant and valuable?

Are you wondering where #10 on the list is? Watch for it next week, as we begin the process of the CLOSE.


For the whole story see DC Module #73 – Better Workshops.

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