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Video Transcription

Dr. Stephen F.: Hey, remarkables. This is Dr. Stephen Franson from The Remarkable Practice and I’m sitting with the man, El Jefe Billy DeMoss. Say hi, Billy.

Billy DeMoss: Hi everybody.

Dr. Stephen F.: We’re coming to you live from Salina Cruz, Mexico.

Billy DeMoss: Oaxaca, Mexico.

Dr. Stephen F.: Oaxaca, Mexico

Billy DeMoss: Got to get the state in there too, man.

Dr. Stephen F.: We are coming to you live from Oaxaca. If we look like we have been in Mexico for a week, it’s because we’ve been in Mexico for a week. Billy, we’re doing-

Billy DeMoss: I don’t look like I’ve been in Mexico for a week.

Dr. Stephen F.: Buddy, you look like you were born in Mexico.

Billy DeMoss: That’s right.

Dr. Stephen F.: I was the whitest gringo in Mexico when I showed up here.

Billy DeMoss: Oh yeah?

Dr. Stephen F.: I’m pretty toasty at this point.

Billy DeMoss: You’re doing good. You’re doing good.

Dr. Stephen F.: We’ve spent the last five days chasing waves around this gorgeous country and Billy has put together just an extraordinary group of guys. All chiropractors that all came together. Well, we have a couple of wannabe chiropractors, who are chiropractors without degrees that have joined us.

We’ve got a great crew here. Have a lot of fun, chasing the most beautiful and the most perfect waves in the world. Billy, first I just want thank you for inviting me and bringing me to this circle.

Billy DeMoss: Dude, you were a godsend. You were like … Dude, I didn’t know what we were going to get with you. No, you turned out to be totally awesome, dude. You’re on the tour now ,whether you like it or not.

Dr. Stephen F.: I’m on the heckle man’s tour.

Billy DeMoss: Yeah, yeah. Heckle man tour. Yeah.

Dr. Stephen F.: Literally the heckle man tour. Alright, you know we get together with some of the bright spots in our profession, and you happen to be one of those.

Billy DeMoss: Really?

Dr. Stephen F.: Yes. We are going to hit a couple of high points tonight And I would like to talk to you about … First, about the DCS because I’m an east coaster. Believe it or not, the DCS, it’s kind of an unknown.

Billy DeMoss: Really?

Dr. Stephen F.: Yeah. So talk to us. We know great things are going on there. Everybody knows about Cal Jam. So-

Billy DeMoss: But they don’t know that DCS is-

Dr. Stephen F.: Talk to us about DCS. What’s the DCS all about? When did you start it? Who’s there? Why do we want to be there?

Billy DeMoss: Alright, DCS started out with me and one other dude, Reid and green books. And it just gradually evolved where … Just me and him and then, some other people wanted to come. It was five. It was 10. It was 15. Oh, people are interested in philosophy. It’s just not me that’s a freak.

And people wanted to know what we were doing. And then, we went and rented a warehouse, and we turned it into a club house. And we got black lights and a bunch of loungy sofas and we had Fred Barts speak there and Brighten Mozer and we had … You name anybody that came through there. Reggie Gold.

It was a trippy place. And then, we finally got kicked out of that place. And then, I bought the office I’m in right now. And we just made one of the rooms into a DCS room. And it’s just evolved to … I think, we probably have close to 80 people at the meeting the other night, depends on the speaker obviously, who’s there. And then, we just said, “Lets go bigger.” And then, we started Cal Jam. So its all just a kind of … Which is our annual.

Dr. Stephen F.: You always go bigger, Billy. Everything you do, you go bigger.

Billy DeMoss: That’s better than going smaller.

Dr. Stephen F.: Yes, definitely. So, we had an interesting conversation the other night about the future of Cal Jam. Talk to me about that. I think it’s really interesting. I love your vision.

Billy DeMoss: When I was first in chiropractor, there was Parker and there was DE and I understand that, you know. Basically, Cal Jam just evolved out of going to DE for me. I said, “Well, let’s do that.” And then, we’ve seen some other spin off groups. There’s ChiroFest and there’s Focus. There’s all kinds of different chiropractic events.

That’s all within the chiropractic profession, which is great. But, we already know this shit. We need to get out to them and what I’m trying to do is make the pallet so that there’s … It’s more collectic than just chiropractic.

And let me tell you what, chiropractic is what the mission is. We want to trap them with all the other trappings on the plate. And then, we put up at the top, we have the chiropractic. Because people don’t … They’re one click away from being a chiropractic patient. They’re already into nutrition.

They’re into exercise. They’re into sustainable planet. They’re into all the things we do at Cal Jam. And if they can just hear the story, something that makes sense. Like Chuck Chesta will do a little neurology. Deed Harrison’s going to do some stuff on adding to your head carriage, which is epidemic in society.

You’ll call it mechanist. We have all this infighting, but the reality is with our infighting’s holding us back from getting the message to people. Here’s the deal. I just went and did a career day at my sister’s grade school. And the first class, I just did a random survey. I asked, “How many kids have actually been to a chiropractor?”, and not one kid raised their hand. The second class, it was four. I thought-

Dr. Stephen F.: You’re shocked?

Billy DeMoss: We were doing better than that. But then, in both classes, I asked how many had been to a dentist and every single one of them had been to a dentist. And I know, in my heart, that every kid from the day they’re born should be checked for subluxation. Because kids need chiropractic more than adults. And that’s why it’s really pissed me off about some chiropractors that really … Maybe they just don’t like kids.

But I’ve said that publicly that if you don’t see kids, you really suck. Because you don’t give it to the people that really need it because, their spines are in developmental stages. Their nervous system’s developing. Everything is growing and if there is any asymmetry in the neurological control of that, you’re going to not have a hundred percent product. I think it’s so important for kids to get checked. And it’s so important for us to get our message to the world.

Dr. Stephen F.: So, your operational premise is that we’ve got to be able to get chiropractic to the public. The message is let’s get kids checked from the womb. Let’s raise them on the chiropractic here.

Billy DeMoss: Let’s get everybody checked, including the kids.

Dr. Stephen F.: Chiropractic as a lifestyle strategy.

Billy DeMoss: Right.

Dr. Stephen F.: And your vision for Cal Jam is let’s open this thing up, and let’s make sure the public recognizes that there are other things out there. As they’re trying to put together their lifestyle strategy, chiropractic is being at the forefront of that. And why not not bring them and make them insiders and help them become understanders.

Because I think that the heavy load that a lot of chiropractors are faced with today is that they’re trying to lead a bunch of believers-

Billy DeMoss: Right.

Dr. Stephen F.: In their practice, which is a lot of work. Where, ultimately, what we want to do is we want to create understanders.

Billy DeMoss: Sure.

Dr. Stephen F.: I think that if everybody understood chiropractic they way you and I understood chiropractic-

Billy DeMoss: That ain’t hard.

Dr. Stephen F.: It’d be a lot easier-

Billy DeMoss: You just taught some people here and they barely even speak English, if English.

Dr. Stephen F.: And I struggled through my Spanish, but we got it done.

Billy DeMoss: Yeah. But it’s not like you have to teach them anything, you know?

Dr. Stephen F.: No.

Billy DeMoss: Like you said, this should be our consultation into our lives.

Dr. Stephen F.: Yeah. You just saw our consultation report of findings right there in my broken Spanish, right? And they line up for it. And the whole family lined up for it.

Billy DeMoss: Right. Right.

Dr. Stephen F.: Your brand in chiropractic is the rock and roll guy. And I love that about what you’re doing with Cal Jam. And I think that will open the doors to the rest of the world. But honestly, buddy, doing life with you here this last week, I think there’s a deeper brand here. And what I admire about you is your relationships and the brotherhood that you surround yourself with. And I just want you to know that I recognize that and I’m really impressed by that.

Billy DeMoss: Cool.

Dr. Stephen F.: And the fact that your brothers are around you. And your cousins around you and you get your nephews around you. But also, a good close group of friends. So talk to me about that. How important is relationship and fellowship in chiropractic today?

Billy DeMoss: Being a chiropractor, I literally love people. There’s times when its nice to be alone but when you are on a trip like this, it’s a great … And you need to do trips. That’s one thing I try to get across to chiropractors is you need to take some vacations and go with your friends.

Dr. Stephen F.: We are doing this every 6 weeks now, right?

Billy DeMoss: Yeah. Seriously, I’m going to start taking trips every two months. Because, when you work … It’s not work. I know that. But we’re pedal to the metal. And it’s not because I have to do it, it’s because I’m driven to do it. But I need to take a break and go.

And just like I posted on Facebook last night is that literally just go be a kid for awhile. We’ve been a kid for 24/7. We’ve been laughing. We’ve been having the time of our lives. Does it get any better?

We’re in the pristine environment in Mexico. And it’s got its little edge to it, which gives it a little bit of-

Dr. Stephen F.: Right. Right.

Billy DeMoss: I think it’s a little mystique. And it’s-

Dr. Stephen F.: No, this is the definitive integrated life. What I’ve seen here and been part of this last week is … Frankly, it’s what we teach in The Remarkable Practice is it’s about having an integrated life.

So I mean, chiropractics isn’t something you do. Chiropractics is something you are. And you’ve been living it, breathing it. We’ve been all doing it together, here this week. Why don’t we talk about … Talk us through a day in the life here in Mexico.

What’s it start with?

Billy DeMoss: Well, first thing, we get up and I make some smoothies.

Dr. Stephen F.: Smoothie time.

Billy DeMoss: So we make smoothies and we throw in the super foods and throw a Colon X in there, might throw an avocado in there.

Dr. Stephen F.: Double shot of Colon X in Mexico.

Billy DeMoss: And then, we do a little bit of … Maybe put some peanut butter in there. And I know peanut butter’s not good. We just need a little fat in our smoothies, so we have a little sustain in the water.

Dr. Stephen F.: Hard hit almond butter.

Billy DeMoss: Yeah. Well, it’s sort of raw.

Dr. Stephen F.: In Mexico.

Billy DeMoss: And then, we just eat nuts and seeds and goji berries and just eat super clean. And then, we come back and I bought a bunch of vegetables. We juiced at lunch and we take the juice and throw it in our vitamix

Not Vitamin X, but it’s Mexican Vitamin X.

Dr. Stephen F.: The Mexican Vitamin X, which we are certainly going to blow out.

Billy DeMoss: That thing was hot today, really hot. And we just try to eat super healthy while we’re down here, just so we’ve got clean energy. I can’t just continue the same lifestyle I had before.

Dr. Stephen F.: That’s right.

Billy DeMoss: It’s at a higher level as far as surfing’s concerned.

Dr. Stephen F.: And then, it’s breaking. And then, it’s pile everybody in the car with the boards. And then, go to town.

Billy DeMoss: A day in the surf, check the waves. And literally, we’ve been surfing, but today was the exception. But we’ve-

Dr. Stephen F.: But it’s been 10 hour days.

Billy DeMoss: No, it’s six hours in the water, probably. And then, it’s like it’s hard not to be in shape-

Dr. Stephen F.: Lunch.

Billy DeMoss: When you’re doing that.

Dr. Stephen F.: Naps. There ain’t no factors.

Billy DeMoss: I haven’t taken a lot of naps.

Dr. Stephen F.: Oh, okay. I never miss.

Billy DeMoss: I’m afraid I won’t sleep if I take a nap.

Dr. Stephen F.: Yeah. I’ve been sleeping like a baby. So it’s lunch, then surf, then back for dinner and just more fellowship and hanging out afterwards?

Billy DeMoss: Yeah, we hang out. That’s the problem. It’s hard to go to bed sometimes. In fact, I’m usually the last one to go to bed.

Dr. Stephen F.: You’ve been the last to bed every night?

Billy DeMoss: Yeah.

Dr. Stephen F.: Alright. So why don’t you wrap up a message for The Remarkable Practice audience. In The Remarkable Practice, we always teach the four pillars of a remarkable life. And it’s about having a remarkable practice as part of a remarkable life, which you are certainly the master of.

We teach the four pillars are health, wealth, relationships, and logistics. And I think you’re-

Billy DeMoss: What do you mean by logistics?

Dr. Stephen F.: Setting your life up like we just described.

Billy DeMoss: Oh, okay. Like goal setting kind of stuff?

Dr. Stephen F.: Your schedule, the relationships you surround yourself with, where your practice is, where you live, how you set up your home, your workouts, the whole deal. The logistics of running a wellness lifestyle.

So what are your thoughts on that for our audience?

Billy DeMoss: As far as what I do?

Dr. Stephen F.: Yeah.

Billy DeMoss: Well, I mean, basically, I take a break every day. A five hour break and I go to the beach. Believe it or not, because I live in Newport Beach. I don’t have to-

Dr. Stephen F.: So you get to go to the beach every day?

Billy DeMoss: Yeah, every day. And if there’s no waves, I’ll run in the sand. Pull ups on the lifeguard stand, crunches, sit-ups, push-ups and just basically do calisthenics on the beach. Because I want to take my shoes off and run on the planet and ground myself.

Daily juicer, daily vitamix twice a day, eat super impeccably clean. I’m not a vegan, but I do eat some wild meats.

Dr. Stephen F.: Right.

Billy DeMoss: And few range stuff. And then, I go back to the office. And Tuesday, Thursday mornings, I do all the Cal Jam stuff. Friday mornings, I do Cal Jam stuff. Do a little bit of both. I have a full-time practice.

Dr. Stephen F.: Right.

Billy DeMoss: I work four days a week in the practice. And I do Cal Jam three other days. And Cal Jam’s a lot of fun. It’s not like it’s work to me. It’s just getting my speakers lined up and then, we got to put the music together.

That’s one of the things I wanted to mention, too. Cal Jam has got that music flavor to it. To again, when it gets bigger which it will, there’s no way it can’t is that we’ll have sponsors that we can afford to get.

The Chili Peppers. We can probably afford The Black Crows right now. I like The Black Crows.

Dr. Stephen F.: The bar had Crows.

Billy DeMoss: Yeah. No, it was The Chili Peppers. And that’s another reason for people to come, not to mention that we have just the most amazing speakers from our, call it, 10th annual group to Chestnut. We have David Wolfe and speakers that the general public would love to hear, as well.

Dr. Stephen F.: Alright. So our people are always looking for increased outreach, right? So if you ask a thousand chiropractors, 999 of them are going to tell them that new patients is the number one concern of theirs.

And I teach that your attraction is a reflection of your certainty. So can you speak into that? What can chiropractors do today to increase their certainty and increase their attraction in their practice?

Billy DeMoss: I’ve never really had a problem with certain … Yeah, reading the green book. Jesus, that’s really a given-

Dr. Stephen F.: Because of the certainty, right?

Billy DeMoss: I just assume-

Dr. Stephen F.: I know. You’re making assumptions here.

Billy DeMoss: I know. I know. I shouldn’t do that.

Dr. Stephen F.: Your certainty personified and your human nagging your bonfire.

Billy DeMoss: Bonfire, I like that.

Dr. Stephen F.: Yeah. So everybody gathers around to watch you burn. So what’s the key to that? How do you tap into that?

Billy DeMoss: I think part of it too is your energy, too. I think people want to have that level of health that you portray. Being 56, I don’t act like a 56 year old.

Dr. Stephen F.: You do not. You do not.

Billy DeMoss: I don’t. And the thing is I can run circles around kids half my age, even young 20 year olds. And it’s just because of getting adjusted. Maybe call me, I don’t know, I get adjusted maybe three or four times a week but I’m a high performance person.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the practice. I want to run at a higher level. I eat impeccably super clean. I think if you want to be lead, you’ve got to walk the talk. And a lot of times, if you’re not taking care of yourself … I mean, God gave you this temple to take care of and not to defy it.

And it’s so important to live congruent to how you were genetically designed. A lot of the things that we do like I got work tonight, surfing. I went over the falls, landed some other … Another guy’s head hit my head. And I had whiplash.

And dude, that adjustment you gave me, you clocked me. That was a clocking adjustment. And there’s nothing worse than a windy adjustment.

Dr. Stephen F.: Nothing worse than a windy adjustment.

Billy DeMoss: Nothing worse. Sometimes, I go, “That’s what you charge for?” I make sure that this thing is properly programmed. I’m reading Dispenza’s book right now, You Are The Placebo. Always keeping this thing exercised and get good rest and exercise.

I see it more on the east coast than the west coast, but some of the chiropractors don’t walk the talk. And they feel that the chiropractors is the only part of it. And to me, I’m not going to get into my brother right now, but lifestyle’s super, super important with chiropractics.

Because chiropractics doesn’t work on dead people.

Dr. Stephen F.: Right. That’s exactly right. We are designed to be healthy in an innately natural environment. If we are living the way that we’re designed to live, we’re going to express health period. But we cannot work full-time against that. Awesome.

Billy DeMoss: Because when BJ was around, or DeeDee, they weren’t eating GMO food. They weren’t eating all the crap that people eat. They weren’t sitting at a desk eight hours a day and in their car an hour each way and in front of their TV when they get home.

And they weren’t under the stresses that we are, so we have to deal with that as far as … It’s a main contributor to this civilization.

Dr. Stephen F.: Yeah, no question. I love the expression that if science got together and they tried to design a lifestyle that would cause sickness and disease, there’s no way that they could do what we’re curing.

Billy DeMoss: That’s true.

Dr. Stephen F.: There’s nothing that they could do.

Billy DeMoss: There’s no way.

Dr. Stephen F.: Alright. Well, Billy, we appreciate the time with you. Everybody, this guy is the man.

Billy DeMoss: Well, come on, man. I mean, just call me the Godfather.

Dr. Stephen F.: I just love it. I appreciate you for everything that you’re doing.

Billy DeMoss: And I can put a word out for our-

Dr. Stephen F.: Yeah. So how do our people get in touch with you? I mean, Cal Jam, it’s so big now. It’s almost like you’re untouchable. You’re-

Billy DeMoss: Well, no. Seriously, I still run into people I’ve never even heard of and I go, “What rock are you living under?” To me, I feel it’s like the Super Bowl in chiropractics. Because it’s chiropractic. It’s also health, but it’s probably the biggest party.

That’s one thing I’m good at is throwing a party.

Dr. Stephen F.: You are, man. You are. So how do they find you?

Billy DeMoss: Okay. They can go to YouTube and put in the DCS Experience. Or you can look me up on Facebook at Billy DeMoss.

Dr. Stephen F.: Are you on Facebook?

Billy DeMoss: Yeah. Dude, I’m a master at Facebook.

Dr. Stephen F.: You don’t have a cell phone. You don’t have email. But you have-

Billy DeMoss: I’ve never had email.

Dr. Stephen F.: But you do have Facebook.

Billy DeMoss: I don’t know how I got sucked into that.

Dr. Stephen F.: So what Facebook can we reach out to you?

Billy DeMoss: Billy DeMoss.

Dr. Stephen F.: Billy DeMoss. Alright, you heard it here. Alright, gang. Coming live from Mexico. Go be remarkable.

Billy DeMoss: Oaxaca.

Dr. Stephen F.: Oaxaca.

Billy DeMoss: I love you.

Dr. Stephen F.: Love you.