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Video Transcription

Dr. Stephen F: Hello everybody. Welcome to The Remarkable Practice. I’m Dr. Stephen Franson. I’m sitting here, having a coffee break with my boy, Garrett Gunderson. Garrett, say hi.

Garrett G: Hey. How’s it going?

So I’m going to teach some secret sauce, okay? This is some internal stuff-

Dr. Stephen F: All right. [crosstalk] We might as well practice. You listening to this? Secret sauce.

Garrett G: So this is secret sauce right here. Most people if they came up and said, "Hey Garret. What do you do?" Whatever I tell them, they’re gonna reference a frame in their mind of what they know that’s similar to that. So they might immediately if I say what I do, no matter how articulate I am go, "Oh, you’re a financial planner." No. Or they’re gonna say, "Oh, you’re a author or speaker." So what I do, is I always start with what I’m not to break the frame so that they don’t relate me to something they already think they know. So I’ll just say, "Well, we’re not financial planners. We’re about financial results on a guaranteed basis." They’re gonna say, "What does that mean?" Bam. I’m in. Or I would say, "Look, we’re not feed based and commission based." Because almost everyone financially thinks feed based, commissioned based.

I’m like, "We’re about a performance, implementation, and results based program that by the way, you’re at the center of because we bring personal back to personal finance." And if they wanna know more, I’m like, "Hey, you know, we handle everything from car insurance, homeowner insurance, liability, disability, business owner policies, medical, life. We go through estate planning. We go through business structure. We go through cash flow. We go through credit. We go through investments, investment expenses. We look at all matters of personal finance, but the difference is, we understand it’s you first. It’s your sole purpose. We gotta understand your perspective, and then we’ve gotta build it around who you are, which is unique with knowledge and values and then our emphasis is where can we find money you’re losing? Where can we find leaks that you have? And where can we add financial peace of mind, confidence, and clarity?" And because of that, now, someone can hear it because they didn’t hear me as a financial planner because i started with this is what I’m not.

Dr. Stephen F: Yes. Yes. Yes. Well I can tell, Camille and I have been personally through this experience. This immersion experience. And again, drawing the parallel to the assessments that I do for chiropractors and their clinics, where I do a full audit of all seven time value constant, their clinic, and I call it the clinic oscopy. And I do that tongue in cheek-

Garrett G: Yeah. By the way, I like that a lot.

Dr. Stephen F: But it’s like my head will be up the ass of your clinic. It may be followed by my foot. I just help them look for the toxicities and deficiencies that create the interference in their practice, and I felt like I was going through the financial oscopy with you and your team, and it was just extraordinary to sit there and be like, "We’re gonna shine a big, bright, warm, loving light on your financial life." And I was so at ease as one professional after another clearly it was about Camille and I. And it wasn’t just some packaged, bundled, okay, so this is our wrote process, which I know you guys are structured and you’re professional, which is wonderful. Why wouldn’t you be making it up as you go? But it was clearly about understanding us first. [crosstalk] starting with our goals.

Garrett G: Yeah, we’re not going A, B, C, D.

Dr. Stephen F: Yeah. No. No. No.

Garrett G: We’re going A, F, back to B.

Dr. Stephen F: Let’s talk about the end game. Let’s talk about what’s important to you guys? What’s the vision? What are you trying to create? And then back, it was almost like retro-engineering a plan for us.

Garrett G: We have, I think our competition comes in two areas. One, is a doctor being afraid of admitting where they’re currently at because they have to go through an exam where they feel economically nude. And they think somehow we’re gonna judge that. The thing is, I’ve had mess ups. I’ve had cash flow issues. That’s how I learned some of this content. And the second thing is somehow thinking that they can … we call it [chirobation]. You can’t go adjust yourself. And then the third piece is like, I’ve talked to a guy that I knew we could save 100000 a year. When I told him, "Hey, it’s 20000." He said, "No. I would never pay that." I’m going, "Well, you’re already paying 100000 a year in losses, so if you love the government more than us, and if you love the financial institutions more than us, then I guess you’re right."

Dr. Stephen F: Keep up the good work.

Garrett G: And i got off the phone with him quick ’cause I go, one, he’s not coachable.

Dr. Stephen F: Not available.

Garrett G: So he violated one of the rules. There’s plenty of people who want to be served that wanna go there.

Dr. Stephen F: Yeah. Absolutely. Well, so, what I’ll tell you is I absolutely love what you’re doing for me personally. These coffee breaks are about just me sitting own with people that are in my life and in my circle that, it’s sort of like my patients and my practice, they know that I would never recommend anything that I don’t do myself and get benefit from. So, I’m the ultimate lab rat. As you know, I’m a good student. I will tell everybody without hesitation to get in contact with you. Reach out to this guy. He is literally my financial pipe right here. And my wife and I are very excited about the future and more confident than ever, and I wanna appreciate you publicly for that.

Garrett G: Thanks man. I love working with you.

Dr. Stephen F: How did people find you? How do they get in touch with you?

Garrett G: They can go to F-A-S-T-T-R-A-C-K. But probably more valuable, they can email, and we’ll send them a book. Just put in the headline remarkable practice, killing sacred cows. We’ll respond, make sure we get all your information. I’ll sign the thing personally on behalf of Dr. Franson here, and get it in your hands.

And here’s the thing, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about in the book, you stand to lose a lot. Here’s why. We’re finding $2484 per month improved cash flow when people understand what we’re talking. We’re talking about 93% of chiropractors are overpaying taxes on the tune of about $11000 a year. My book is gonna help expose the myths where you have holes in your philosophy. And we understood what the transition and the paradigm shift was when you understood philosophy at a different level with chiropractic. This is your green book for finance, okay? ‘Cause it’s green. And the thing is, if you at least read chapter one, you’ll find out that no amount of luck, saving, discipline, ready return, or any financial advice can save you if you can’t account for the one thing I talk about there.

If you have a retirement plan, you get it right to page 251. I think we have a new addition. I might need a different page. But go to the 401k section at the end, and you’ll find out what the retirement plan, the 15 areas of issue, and it’s not opinion. It’s just straight up facts that I research.

So have the waste basket next to me ’cause you have to throw up when you read what it’s about, but then when you know the truth, you can do something differently. So, ultimately, I wanna get that book in your hands and give you a gift because you’re doing the right things. You’re invest in yourself. You’re with this guy, which this is the guy that inspires me. That doesn’t happen all that often where I meet someone I’m like, "I gotta spend more time with them." I’m pretty selective. My wife says I’m a little bit too close minded on that, but he opened me up at about three seconds, and I consider him a great friend, and I can’t wait to spend more time with him.

Dr. Stephen F: Right on. All right. So you guys are sitting there, and you’re probably going through some of the visceral dynamics that your patients might experience or perspective patients that are sitting through reported findings and recommendations for care. And you’re sitting on the other side of that conversation and just loving on them and trying to show truth. This guy, this is church. This is the guy that’s just unfolding some truths in front of you and in front of me, and this is something that you have to at least sit down, look into, and think, and think hard about it just like we wanna reach around and kind of put our patients in a headlock and try to talk some sense into them. I find myself doing that over and over again with people that I care about, but I love them, and I just want better outcomes for them. So get connected with this guy, and let him show you the way. Thanks brother.

Garrett G: Thanks man.