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Video Transcription

Dr. Stephen: Hey, hey, Remarkable. This is Dr. Stephen Franson here. Thanks for joining me for another coffee break. I’m here with my favorite coffee mug and one of my favorite chiropractors from Australia, Dr. Glenn. Dr. Glenn Maginness.

Glenn, say hi, buddy.

Glenn M: Hi guys. Great to be here.

Dr. Stephen: Hey, we appreciate you joining us and giving us some time.

Glenn and I have actually just recently met. We ran into each other down in Sydney when I was down there for a great honor and opportunity to be keynote this year at the National Development Forum in Sydney, which was fantastic. What a great crowd. What awesome chiropractors you guys have there, and you’re certainly one of those, Glenn.

This is a coffee break, so this is an opportunity for us to just sit down, jar it out a little bit, help introduce you to some of our people, and hear about what you’ve got going on. So just for the sake of context, can you just let us know what have you been up to, how would my people know you, what are they going to want to know about what you’ve got going on? And then give us some direction as to how we can get in contact with you.

Let’s just talk first a little bit about your background, a little bit about your history, because you’re a bigshot. You’re a big shot in Australia as I’ve figured out, and you’ve got some amazing content. You’re the man when it comes to pediatric, and you’re a hardcore educator, and you’re also a kick-butt entrepreneur as far as what I can see.

The program that you’ve put together is so incredibly rich and I appreciate what it takes to put something together like that, because after my time putting together Bonfire, I know what that involves, and most people, if they have not been involved in a project like that, they have no idea the undertaking. My hat is off to you, my friend. Cheers, you did an unbelievable job at that.

Talk to us a little bit about it. Your background first and then what are you up to?

Glenn M:  Okay. Thanks, Stephen.

I began as a chiropractor 20 years ago, and I suppose I was like most chiropractors when they first graduate. Didn’t really have a very good understanding or competence with the pediatric patients.

I suppose my first experience with the amazing potential of the pediatric patient was when my son Tom was born. He screamed through the first six days of his life after a very traumatic forceps delivery.

So cut me some slack, this is 23 years ago. I did wait until he was six days old until I checked him, but he hadn’t slept for more than 20 minutes at that point, and I checked him, adjusted him, and he slept for 15 hours after the adjustment. That was for me, I suppose, that moment in my career that I thought, “Hey, there is something special about this chiropractic stuff.”

That led me to pediatrics, and for the last, probably, 12, 13 years, I’ve been holding seminars throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK. I’ve been to South Africa as well.

Not only assessing, adjusting, and managing the pediatric patient, but also on building a family wellness practice. I’d like to try to address all aspects of what is important to, I believed, important to chiropractice.

Dr. Stephen: Alright, I’m gonna call you out for a second, because I get called out on this all the time, alright? So I listened to that list of where you’re teaching, and there’s something else that all those locations have in common, is great surf.

I know that you’re an avid surfer, and I get called on that all the time. My patients or clients are always like, “Hey, yeah, I noticed where you’re speaking. Hawaii and Australia and Indonesia. I mean, common now, really? You’re working?”

I’m calling you on that one, buddy, I know you’re getting in the water too.

Glenn M: You’ve got to incorporate fun with work.

Dr. Stephen: Absolutely. Remarkable life, right?

Glenn M: Remarkable life, that’s right, although you’re getting me out to Singapore, and I don’t know if there’s too much surf at Singapore.

Dr. Stephen: Oh, yeah, but we’re at a 45-minute flight to the Mentawais, right? And then we can do the three-hour trip over to Bali, so don’t worry. We’ll squeeze some surfing there.

Glenn M: Okay, that’ll be fun. Good.

Dr. Stephen: So you’ve got a program now that’s all web-based, right? It’s all essentially text-and-video-driven, is that right? Talk to us a little bit about that.

What were you trying to accomplish there? And I’ve been through the material and I see it. It’s exciting. What problems were you trying to solve there, because I know that there’s a desperate need in chiropractic. I mean, I work with a lot of chiropractors and what you’ll hear me teach over and over again is that your attraction is a reflection of your certainty. Clearly, this is something that is lacking with a lot of chiropractors when it comes to pediatric care, so I just appreciate you creating such an awesome resource that’d build that certainty for doctors. Can you speak to that a bit?

Glenn M: Yeah. A few years ago, I really felt that there was an area that chiropractors were lacking at, talking to new graduates, but also talking to seasoned practitioners. And that is that so many chiropractors don’t feel confident or competent with their management of kids, and I really feel that is an issue for our profession at the moment, especially with all the controversy, which certainly in Australia here we’ve had with management of kids.

What this program is designed to do, why I created it, is to address those chiropractors and provide a resource for those chiropractors who want to see more kids, want to be confident and competent with their management of kids, but don’t necessarily want to do a one or a two or a three-year course in pediatrics to accomplish that.

I did a three-year master’s degree in chiropractic pediatrics in 1998, and that was a lot of work. It involved … Well, the last year of that three years, I actually took it off and we did a trip around Australia, a surfing trip around Australia with my family, because I really needed that extra time to complete my studies.

There’s a lot of chiropractors who haven’t got the time or, really, the motivation to do that. This course is designed to address those chiropractors who would like to be able to increase their skills, upskill in their management of kids, and do it from their home, because it’s all online. You basically just log in, put your log in details in, and off you go.

Dr. Stephen: Right, right, right.

Glenn M:  The response has been amazing all over the world, because I believe it’s addressing a niche that hasn’t been addressed before.

Dr. Stephen: For sure, and I love the fact that … going through the material and speaking with you about it, it becomes obvious right away that this is not just a hard core academic approach, it’s also a very practical application of how to deliver the education, as well as to do the analytics, the analysis, the clinical experience, how to communicate it to parents.

I mean, a really nice, well-rounded offering, and that’s really the key to it, because very often, you’ll find the programs available right now are heavily weighed one way or the other, it’s just either the heavy academic experience or it’s just the heavy patient education side of it, and this really lands beautifully … I won’t say in the middle, it just does both really well, which is refreshing, and I appreciate you having pulled that together.

Now you’re speaking from experience here. You’re not just a smart guy that’s put together great material, you’ve also enjoyed a great deal of success as well. Why don’t you speak a little bit about your own practice experience and where you found yourself?

Glenn M:  Okay, well I’m still in practice. I actually opened up my clinic in Mount Eliza, which is about an hour out of Melbourne. It’s by the sea, surprisingly.

Oh, actually, I opened that clinic two weeks after I officially became a chiropractor in 1986, and I now have seven chiropractors working there, all really busy with kids. They see between 20 and 50 percent children, depending on which of the associates. I myself, I only see children as patients, and I have done that for the last 12 years.

And it’s a really busy practice. It’s probably what’s definitely one of the largest practices in Australia.

Dr. Stephen: Awesome.

Glenn M: That’s what [Peyton] talked to me about. Where do I get all this passion from, to get up at 3:00 in the morning and produce the sort of stuff that I do? And it really is my sessions each week that keep me going, because it’s seeing those kids that is my passion, really.

Dr. Stephen: That’s right. I’d like to say, during our workshops, that we tell the parents that hey, we take care of the adults so that we can see the kids. “We’ll take care of the adults so that we can see the kids” is not exactly accurate. We actually tolerate the adults so that we can see the children, you know? Somebody’s gotta drive them there. Yeah, I love that and I have the visual for what your practices are like.

In the Remarkable Practice, we teach there’s four pillars to the remarkable life. You have your health, your wealth, logistics, and relationships. And you joked a little bit there about living by the coast, but I love that you have recognized that from a logistical perspective. Live what you love. D

Doctors, especially young doctors coming out of school ask me as a coach, regularly, where should I practice? Where should I set up my clinic? And I’m like, “Where should you set up your life is a better question, because you should practice where you know you’re gonna love your life. Because you’re going to want to be in that community.

Even if you have to practice in one spot and live in another spot. I say, “Live where you love to be, because you’ll always drive to work, and you won’t always drive to play.” Right? We live at the beach in New Hampshire, and we drive to Massachusetts to practice, and if I could just bring those two together, in retrospect, I would have done that. But really, set your practice up where you would love to be and where you would love to live, and just the energy and the good attitude that you’ll have around getting to be where you love to be every day is an incredibly magnetic force, and it creates a great deal of magnetism, because you’re happy and you’ll be prosperous there.

Glenn M: Absolutely.

Dr. Stephen: I love that you’ve pulled that off so beautifully. And if you live where you surf, then you get in all those other little sneaker sessions that nobody else gets to. You can get down there, get in the water in the morning, and then still sneak off to the office in the afternoon, and then not be absent for your family on the weekends, so well done, buddy. Well played.

Glenn M: It wasn’t real-

Dr. Stephen: Go ahead?

Glenn M: Wasn’t really a … When you finish university, you really don’t know what you’re doing, and I just chose to set up where I did, because I could get to surf at lunch time.

Dr. Stephen: Exactly. Logistics. Love it. I love it, man.

Alright, well I appreciate you giving us some time here today. I’m excited that you can be part of the Remarkable Practice and everything that we’re gonna be promoting. I’d love for my people to be able to reach out and get in touch with you, and find out how we can support your work and how we can get in contact with you, and where we can find your content and your materials.

So what’s the best way to get in touch with you? Is there a URL or a website that we can promote for you?

Glenn M: Okay, so the website is

Dr. Stephen: Excellent. Can you say-

Glenn M: If anyone-

Dr. Stephen: … that one more time, especially for us internationals?

Glenn M: Sure., and from an e-mailing perspective, if anyone’s got any questions, every day I get e-mails from chiropractors all over the world, clinical e-mails, asking questions about difficult patients, things like that, but as well as just on questions about the practice, so if anyone would like to e-mail me, it’s pretty simple one, it’s chiro, C-H-I-R-O at netspace,

Dr. Stephen:  Excellent. Dr. Glenn Maginness, we appreciate you and all that you’re doing. Appreciate you just really being a warrior and being on the front line for pediatric care, which means chiropractic care in my book, so cheers, my friend. Thanks for joining us for coffee. I’ll see you in the water.

Glenn M: Yup, absolutely. Great to be a part of it. Thanks for everything.