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Video Transcription

Stephen Franson: Hello everybody, welcome back to The Remarkable Practice. I’m Dr. Stephen Franson and I’m here with Dr. Matt Hubbard. He is the man. I spent some time yesterday at Cal Jam listening to this guy just rip it up, tear up the house, and he is just on fire. He’s making some huge changes in California. I cannot wait to learn more from this guy. We’ve become fast friends and I’d love to just have you just spend a few minutes with us over a cup of coffee. Tell us what are you up to now?

Matt Hubbard: Wow. First of all, I gotta say, whoever’s watching this: You are lucky. Hanging out with this guy, I already feel like I need to do something bigger. Step up my game, press in harder. So you’re very fortunate to have a guy like this that’s dropping seeds in your, if you will, your acreage for a mighty harvest. There it is. Just in case you need to-

Stephen Franson: Cal Jam. [crosstalk] 2013.

Matt Hubbard: What’s going on? I’m not really sure. [crosstalk] Some of you East Coasters.

Where are you? Everyone should be at Cal Jam. He’s here.

Anyway. So, I’m stoked to be hanging out with you, man. I don’t even know what to say. Just when you hang out with great minds, synergy starts to happen and I just believe solutions to issues get resolved at coffee breaks like this. So I’m stoked.

Stephen Franson: Okay. So in The Remarkable Practice we teach … the overriding narrative is about having a remarkable life, okay? So a remarkable practice as part of a remarkable life, not in lieu of a remarkable life. And if you look at the four pillars underneath the structure of the house of the remarkable life, we talk about health, wealth, relationships and logistics. And I’ve figured something out about you: you’ve absolutely dialed in the relationships pillar. So that’s a massive compliment coming from me-

Matt Hubbard: Cool, thank you.

Stephen Franson: -because I look at you and I think that you’ve got that just rocking. I met your wife, met your family, and I think that you’re doing a great job there.

Matt Hubbard: Thanks, man.

Stephen Franson: So, the remarkable marriage is such an important part of the remarkable practice. I want you to speak to that a little bit and let us know some insights. How are you pulling it off, buddy?

Matt Hubbard: I’ve met a lot of really successful people. And the mindset growing up, I thought success was just finance. And then I’ve done programs like Lifebook and been around just incredibly successful people financially, but more importantly I saw that they flourished and had passionate love affairs, and that’s what I resonated with. And I said, "That’s what I want." Because I’ve been around successful chiropractors that have just been so about saving the world, they lost their family. And I said, "There’s no way. I already got one enemy that wants to take us out. I’m not letting chiropractic [crosstalk] which I love," so.

Stephen Franson: Right, right, right. Well, you’ve been dropping bombs here all morning with us over this cup of coffee. So I would like to just dial back and review something that you talked about earlier, about just strategically how you run your relationship very deliberately as a couple. I loved that quarterly strategy. Will you share that gem with everybody? I think that that’s just brilliant.

Matt Hubbard: Yeah, yeah. So, one: I love goal setting, and I do it for my business, for everything. So why not do it for my love affair? So we just set up life where we have a really awesome understanding of when I have to push and when I get to … I never coast, but when we get to hang back and really work on each other and our relationship and our little baby. But what happens is, we goal set. So first quarter, it’s all business. I find out my wife’s needs. She understands my needs, my goals, my objectives, and she supports me 100%. In quarter one, I put my head down and she knows I’m going to be a little bit "driver mode," I’m going to be a little bit more intense. I’m going to be a little bit … or a lot bit … really driven and she’s my number one fan. And so she knows that in quarter two we’re going to celebrate everything, and that’s about family and relationships and bringing friends and taking trips and just looking back and celebrating all the achievements from quarter one.

So it’s like this, man. We push hard and then we just kind of roll back and then we set up for quarter three again. We pull it together, we reign it in, we tighten the bolts on the Ferrari and we take it back out on the track for quarter three on the same page with the same goals, with the same mindset. And we have a quote in our family that we always look at. We put our hands up, we’ll just be walking away, and we just do this and we’ll look at each other and that just means, "You and me against the world, baby. You and me against the world and nothing will come in between us." And I take that more serious than I do practice. And so quarter one, we push. Quarter two, we celebrate. Quarter three, we push. Quarter four: Thanksgiving, Christmas; we celebrate.