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Video Transcription

Stephen Branson: Hey Remarkable Practice, this is Doctor Stephen Branson coming to you from Chicago. Hope you recognize this guy, this is Joe Polish.

Say hi Joe.

Joe Polish: Howdy. How’s it going?

The difference between being rich and being broke is one good sales letter and people will do everything to avoid trading that sales letter. They will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes days, weeks, months putting together a website before they will write a sales letter.

Some will even go to school for four or five year before they will write a sales letter. If I was going to chiropractic school starting tomorrow, I would write a letter as if, in the future, I was the very best, most well trained chiropractor. What would I need to say for people in particular community to do business with me and then after you have written that sales letter, select the best target market most likely to do business with.

Stephen Branson: Right.

Joe Polish: Marketing is really what you say and who you say it to and frankly, the list is more important the message however there’s three things you need in order to sell something. You need a product or service, so your chiropractor. You need a sales pitch or marketing message and then you need a delivery system. How are you going to deliver that to people. Are you goin to deliver that to people through … You know, this all started for me like, you know, value pack coupons, direct mail, yellow pages because when I first learned marketing 20 years ago, there was no internet.

Stephen Branson: Right, right, right.

Joe Polish: It was all offline methodologies, TV, radio, print. That sort of thing. Today, there’s a million different delivery systems but if you have a lousy message, all you got to do is use everything from Twitter to Facebook-

Stephen Branson: You’re going to suck on multiple levels.

Joe Polish: Yeah. The only thing worse than signing the wrote note is singing it loud. Part of it is get the note down and who are you going to sing it to so whose your audience, what’s the message, what do you need to say so they know, like and trust you. So those are some of the fundamentals but I’ll tell you, the reason people need coaching, the reason people want an ongoing thing … Marketing is like going to the gym. You don’t just go once, have a killer workout and boom you’re done. It is a consistent ongoing thing and the reason most people suck at marketing is they won’t take the time to learn.

There’s no one on the planet that is going to teach anyone how to be not only world class but even good with an hour or three hours or three days. I mean, this is something you literally learn so hopefully if any-

Stephen Branson: It’s a full emergent. This is a skill set. You have a depth of resources and I’d like you to give us direction as to how do we get your stuff? How do we get to you? How do my people find you?

Joe Polish: Well first off, thank you. So, what I would suggest … Here’s the thing about selecting some of the target markets, they are already working with you, what they should do is not go shallow with you, they should go very deep. When you find someone that is giving you direction, and the direction they are giving you is actually producing results, keep going. Don’t go looking for another well if you haven’t dug deep with that one, so I would encourage your audience to stay with you and goes as deep as you can take them, and they are willing to go.

For stuff that I do, without trying to sell anybody anything, because I’m always trying to sell people on believing in marketing, there’s two things, one, type in selling evil, which is a short video, it’s on YouTube. It doesn’t sell anything. It’s just my philosophy about selling in order to give-

Stephen Branson: It’s very good. I’ve seen it.

Joe Polish: Yeah, it’s cool. It’s gone viral in a lot of ways and so this selling evil, you can type that into YouTube or Google. You watch my three minute and 50 second video and then second, I have a podcast on iTunes, which is one of the top marketing podcasts in the world, and it’s is where you can find it or you just go to iTunes and type in my name, Joe Polish, like nail polish or just type in I Love Marketing and listen to the episodes there.

Stephen Branson:

Joe Polish: Yeah.

Stephen Branson: Deep. Unreal.

I watched some videos this morning, and you gave a wealth of advice. One of the things you said, I really took to hear what you said, “Stop hanging around with knuckle heads.” So the good news and bad news is, the good news is that these meet a broad spectrum of people that I can choose from.

Joe Polish: Right.

Stephen Branson: Most people are much smarter and then bad news is some of you, you’re fired. I’m just not going to hang around with you anymore. I’m going to spend more time with Joe.

Joe Polish: Awesome.

Stephen Branson: Thank you my friend.

Joe Polish: You’re welcome.