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Video Transcription

Stephen Franson: Hey Remarkable Practice it’s Doctor Stephen Franson coming to you from Veracruz, Meixco as part of our world tour, I’m sitting here with the great Doctor Victor Sañudo, Doctor Victor say hello.

Victor Sañudo: Stephen, great to see you and have you here.

Stephen Franson: Alright so we’re having a coffee break here in Mexico so we do it in Mexico style. Talk to me, what’s going on here, what are we doing?

Victor Sañudo: Okay, they’re poring some milk in your coffee man.

Stephen Franson: Fascinating. That’s like, okay good.

Victor Sañudo: And well, I met Stepen through a very, very high producing chiropractor, from Saudi station. I was looking for the best coach and a profession to help me reach-

Stephen Franson: Gracias.

Victor Sañudo: The next level, chiropractic, take chiropractic in Mexico where, no one has actually taken it and that’s how I learned from you.

Stephen Franson: Alright man, well it’s been a real joy working with you the last year and a half, is that right? So talk to us about a little bit about because frankly I don’t think people know anything chiropracting in Mexico. You’re the man, so What’s been the story, the developmental story of your time here in chiropracting in Mexico. How many years you’ve been in practice, tell us a little bit about the history chiropracting here in Mexico.

Victor Sañudo: Well, two uncles of mine and my brother, they started in the US, they’re chiropractors and I started in England and I arrived here 17 years ago, and I established my practice here in Veracruz, Mexico, by the Gulf of Mexico, it’s a big port town and-

Stephen Franson: It’s a great town, spend a lot of fun kicking around town.

Victor Sañudo: Yes it’s been great here.

Stephen Franson: There’s no waves here but yeah.

Victor Sañudo: You know the practice has been growing and growing but I realize that the only way to really have an impact is to create a community of patient,s to really get the patients to feel that they belong to something bigger than themselves and that they feel appreciated and that they feel appreciated by that community, go [inaudible] to create a tribe right. And we had Doctor Franson yesterday for a patient appreciation day, it was supposed to be a screening event but it became a really emotional and very warm event, patients were really really surprised about the knowledge and the way you integrate all the wisdom about healthcare in a chiropractic setting, I mean we see all the time about these chiropractors who get adjusted every single week and they fall like flies when they turn 50.

Stephen Franson: Right, don’t jinx us now man.

Victor Sañudo: You’re a funny one.

Stephen Franson: 29.

Victor Sañudo: Okay, you graduated three years ago, okay. We have to really bring that in a palatable way so that patients can understand it and that they can integrate it in a common sense way. And I think your message last night was right on the spot.

Stephen Franson: Awesome, thank you man, well it was a joy, I got the honor of spending the day, you know shadowing you yesterday and to watch you work man, you’re a master. I love chiropractors and I love chiropractors who just do great work and you’re certainly one of those, you’re so great with your patients, you are so great with your team, you have truly built a remarkable tribe around you and I just wanna recognize you for that.

Victor Sañudo: Well you’ve been instrumental to create that, because you have given us a clear path, I mean you have real business common sense, wisdom and knowledge in a very practical way, your manuals everything is, I have seen nothing better than what I saw.

Stephen Franson: Thank you buddy, thank you. Well, you made it look good yesterday, we were busy, you saw we were over 100 people yesterday, and then turned out well over 100 people for the lecture we’ve had about 150, maybe 200 people there last night and-

Victor Sañudo: How many insurance people were with you yesterday? Zero.

Stephen Franson: I think there were zero insurance people.

Victor Sañudo: Zero, zero.

Stephen Franson: So how many guests did we have at the workshop last night?

Victor Sañudo: We had 200 people.

Stephen Franson: Yeah, easy 100 guests, right?

Victor Sañudo: Yeah, out of those, about 50 were patients, they brought 50 guests, and we attracted 100 through Facebook.

Stephen Franson: 100 people through Facebook?

Victor Sañudo: Yes.

Stephen Franson: Yeah, unbelievable, and I bet that I bet you probably scheduled 30 or 40 patients if not more last night.

Victor Sañudo: Yeah.

Stephen Franson: Yeah, that was awesome, excellent, alright so what’s the future? What’s the future for Victor, what’s the future for chiropracting in Mexico, what are we gonna see out of you.

Victor Sañudo: Well we’re in a very very critical point of our history, chiropractic and for me because we’re the one where we have the system, we have the knowledge, we have the will to do this. We have the purpose, we’re on purpose and we have to give other new [inaudible] a chance to learn this and to become successful in a real chiropractic setting without mixing it with anything real, we just want chiropratic, thank you.

Speaker 3: [foreign language]

Victor Sañudo: No [inaudible]

Stephen Franson: Gracias.

Victor Sañudo: Shoe shine.

Stephen Franson: [crosstalk] flip flops.

Victor Sañudo: So you’ve been instrumental and I mean there’s a long road ahead of us but I’m sure that with your help and with the help of others we have brought Bill Estep to Mexico we have brought Frank Sivenski, Peter Ellinger and Jim [inaudible] to share their message of Chirtopratic, pure chiropractic and that has been really good because it changed, you know the paradigm, it made the shift in the student’s mind and we’ll just keep at it.

Stephen Franson: Yeah it’s amazing, I mean you’re bringing these speakers here, great speakers in, and you’re speaking into not only your patient base and your team but also into these students and frankly I don’t think anybody in the world knows there’s chiropractic students in Mexico either, so just elevating the profession from the ground up and I just, I love what you’re doing you’re doing wonderful things, I think the future is bright for Mexico, I’m exited to see whether you, like we talked about taking it to 2000 a week in one location or take it to 10 locations and see 20,000 people. I think that’s an amazing future ahead. And how do people get in touch with you if they wanna reach out to you?

Victor Sañudo: Well they can visit our Facebook page, Centro Quiropráctico Veracruz, they can send me an email at, and we’ll get in touch.

Stephen Franson: Okay, could you say that just one more time?

Victor Sañudo: C, as in Charlie, e, q, u, i, v as in victor, e, r or visit our Facebook or website at Centro Quiropráctico Veracruz. [inaudible] chiropractics man

Stephen Franson: Very cute, Veracruz Chiropractic Center, alright excellent, Victor Sañudo, the man, the myth, the legend, this guy is chiropractic in Meixco, reach out to him, we need great speakers, if you wanna talk about chiropractic and turn on a country, reach out to this guy, he’d love to have you. Alright buddy, I love you man.

Victor Sañudo: Thank you.