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These three things I know:

1. I love my Team
2. I love coffee
3. I hate meetings

In keeping with my mission to eliminate all things that de-energize my spirit, I am constantly trying to reduce – or at least rename – all forms of “meetings”.

Meetings are great; like flossing. You’ve got to have them, they can be highly productive and you’re glad when they’re done.

I love trainings. Trainings are dynamic, creative and sometimes even cathartic. Things change after a training. If nothing changes, you’ve just had a “meeting”.

I love coffee breaks. Cool place, good coffee, great time for dialogue. My marriage has certainly benefited from the ease created by a warm latte in the hand (read more here) – so why not my Team Meetings?

Shift the state and outcome of your Team Meetings – call them Coffee Breaks. Sip, smile and remember your primary role: “listener”.