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I have had the pleasure to observe dozens of the world’s most successful chiropractors. Every one of them a genius in their own way. Each Chiropractor is unique in their approach to clinical care, team leadership and marketing.

It is incredible how different these practices are – it’s amazing, actually! But what really sticks out are their similarities. The consistent elements that live in each and every one of the great practices.

But one thing stands out above all things: The ability to talk chiropractic – and specifically – their ability to educate during table talk.

This ONE skill set is the X Factor that makes these doctors truly Remarkable. Great Table Talk is the key ingredient in the recipe of continued success across all of these bright spots in our profession. It is also the most common thing that other doctors name as their biggest challenge. The ability to create legions of engaged and enthusiastic raving fans of chiropractic.

That means patients who really “get it” and “want it”, because they truly understand the value of regular lifetime chiropractic care. If you are looking to master one skill that will predictably create the practice of your dreams, then look no further, because great Table Talk will get you there.

Let’s be honest, the real changes will happen with our regular communications. The best place to make this happen is at the Table.

Education is Job #1.

Because we have a 12 visit structure, I organized education and conversation topics that match our clinical approach to care. I call them the Dirty Dozen based on the fact that we perform a Progress Exam and Progress Report every 12 visits.

Today I am going to share 6 out of the 12 Dirty Dozen with you. If you want to get the remaining 6, it might be time to Tour The Academy as you can find them in Module 50 of the DC Academy.

Below are the first SIX table talk topics I utilize in our clinic education curriculum:

  1. You are designed to be Healthy. Meaning healthy is normal and unhealthy is abnormal. Your default is to be healthy. Healthy is normal and unhealthy is the norm.
  2. Your Body is Smart. There is an innate intelligence that runs your body. Innate intelligence keeps you healthy and heals your body. Health comes from the Inside – Out, not the Outside-In. ]And so does Sickness.]
  3. Innate intelligence courses across The Nervous System. The Nervous System is the Master System. The Nervous System is the communication system and it helps us adapt to and deal with STRESS.
  4. Your Spine is your Suit of Armor. Your Spine is your life line. It protects your nervous system (spinal cord) like skull protects brain. If you want to be healthy, you’ll need a healthy Nervous System. Also, if you want a healthy Nervous System, you’ll need a healthy spine.
  5. Stress causes a condition known as Subluxation. Subluxations create interference in the nervous system and a breakdown in communications. Joint, tissue, inflammation and irritation = more stress!
  6. Subluxation causes dysfunction that can manifest as symptoms and conditions. Subluxations typically start silently and then eventually show signs and symptoms. Subluxations can be the root cause of [fill in the blanks].

You may find that you choose different topics based on your practice and patients, but hopefully these topics spark some new ideas in your head. Ideally, your persistence will reward you with life long patients who turn to you first when it comes to their health.

Remember, working with new patients is a lot like a potter working with clay. You only have a limited window of time to shape that clay before it hardens! Once it does, the only way to change its shape is to smash it.

Your patients form their opinions and definition of what chiropractic care means to them quickly – and then the clay hardens.

Use your Table Talk time wisely.

Don’t blow it.

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