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The Remarkable Practice’s, Dr. Stephen Franson recently earned a spot in Dr. Joshua Axe 25 Top Chiropractors of 2017 after several decades of service and dedication to the profession, his patients and his fellow chiropractors.

Dr. Franson is very honored and enthused about snagging a spot on this Top Chiropractors list. Yet he kindly recognized and credited us, his team, for his success.

To that, we say no thank YOU Dr. Franson – for your leadership in all areas of life and the opportunity to work for you and (y)our cause. Dr. Franson often likes to joke that he collects talented people. But, we are honored to serve and reach communities directly or indirectly through our work. Not only are you a strategic, thoughtful and positive force for our team, but you lead by example when it comes to living a fully integrated life.

You are steadfast and stubborn about keeping our mission rolling each and every day. This is why we are also so dedicated to going the extra mile for our purpose when the rubber meets the road and will continue to do so.

And lastly, thank you for your friendship and kindness when it comes to our passions and personal lives. We know you have our backs in more ways than one!

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