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I had the unique opportunity to shoot a few infomercials back in the day.  It was an awesome learning experience that left me with a few very useful sales tools for practice building.

One of the most valuable take-aways for me was a bright neon sign behind the camera that read, “What Do I Get?” 

The onset behavioral scientists behind the scripts learned quickly that the key to a strong informercial was to answer this question and this questions alone.

When you share your recommendations for chiropractic care to patients, how do you describe the program? Are you listing all the “features” of the care your provide? Rattling off things like — adjustments, workshops, exercises, X-rays, thermal scan or progress exams? 

I mean who wouldn’t want all that? Actually, our new chiropractic patients aren’t quite there yet. Only us weird Chiros get excited by that list. We think, who wouldn’t want to spend time getting an optimally healthy spine?

Truth is everyone else won’t see that value until you shine the light on the BENEFITS of those features.

AKA – What Do I Get, Though?

If you start off by saying – “First you have to do this, then that and spend time here,” You’re simply naming items off what seems like a never ending to-do list – for people who are likely overworked and stressed to boot!

The Energy Commitment can be one of the hardest parts of the new patient process.

A patient has to evaluate the perceived and actual energy commitment it will take for them to get their results.

You must help your new patients see the protocols as the steps towards their end goal. More than likely these patients have not signed up yet and need to see a light at the end of the tunnel to wrap their brains around it.

Your protocols are “the proven system for getting them what they want.

Help them understand that by dedicating their time and energy commitment, they’ll play golf again with their buddies — or insert whatever their goal is.

You’ve already done your part in establishing trust in your expertise and care. So you just need to lead them with clear conviction and certainty you can do this as a team together.

Refer to the included excerpt from the Remarkable Process and Procedure Manual in the resources box in DC Module 24 for more direction and scripting. If you’re not an Academy member, it’s time to get more info and join! Click here.

Always remember, new patients committing their energy want to know – what’s in it for me?

“People don’t buy drills because they want drills. They buy drills because they want holes.”

ABC – Always Be Closing. When speaking with new patients, you are always selling. But the good news is, you’re selling the truth!

You and I are selling the key to a better life for a human being that has been lost in a world that sold their health – and their families health – down the river.

Do whatever it takes to help them see the light. Even if that means installing your very own “What Do I Get?” light in the back of your Report Room.