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At this stage of the game, if you are anything like me, you are interested in healthy, long lasting relationships. I have taken some time to observe and consider my most successful relationships both personally and professionally. I work to hone in on what they each have in common.

Thankfully over time, I identified the two important factors that they all have in common:
1. Expectations
2. Agreements

Actually, let’s be more specific because it’s not just that expectations and agreements exist between you and said person, BUT these expectations and agreements are clear and honest.

Transparent Expectations and Honest Agreements are the key to long lasting relationships.

Let me reiterate, this seems like a no brainer when it comes to many personal relationships, but professionally this is just as important.

I believe these two things are the foundation of all of our BEST relationships.

Setting clear agreements and honest expectations should be a deliberate part in the formation of any new relationship. This relationship could be romantic or you could be hiring a new staff member, such as a Chiropractic Assistant or Associate Doctor. You could also be seeking out a new business partner or taking on a new patient.

We must be forthcoming about what we are willing to commit to and what to expect come from the relationship from the beginning, if we want to see the relationships last.

Each type of relationship is dynamic and requires us to be honest with ourselves and each other. More importantly, both parties must be in agreement of what exactly the standards are and what to do if things ever seem to fall apart at the seems.

Though a simple statement, it’s a powerful reminder. What professional relationships do you value the most and are these two factors at the foundation? Maybe you can easily pinpoint relationships that did not last because of this exact flaw.

Setting Transparent Expectations and forming Honest Agreements is the best way to ensure a long-lasting, successful relationship.

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