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So, you’ve done what you set out to do as a Doctor – you’ve delivered results to your newest patients! You’ve actually helped them shape their *new story*, as we went over last week here.

Give your patient and yourself a well-earned pat on the back for your dedication, honest connection and trust in each other as a team. Your patient service was a success and, hopefully, a long standing relationships as their health expert and coach.

NOW – how do we build upon your mission and vision for your practice? How do you get more new patients through this success?

Get your patient to SHARE their NEW STORY to their friends and family.

There is no better proof that a health lifestyle works than someone you know standing in front of you, living it. BUT until your new patients decide to SHARE this awesome new health story, people will just make assumptions about their lifestyle, such as:

Oh – they have ‘good genes’ or they ‘run a million miles a day’

But the truth is, until someone is pushed over that edge, it’s unlikely they will dispel all their awesome chiropractic secrets to anyone, sometimes not even their spouse! So, it is your job to ASK the question at any opportune time you are with a patient.

You can learn specific and systematic ways to incorporate asking for referrals and testimonials for your practice in several modules in the TRP Academy.

If you’re not a TRP member yet, why not? Check it out here.

One great strategy is to ask your patients as soon as they share with you how much the quality of their lives have changed since becoming your patient. Ask them to write a Facebook review or written testimonial. OR tell them about the referral discounts for a friend or loved one.

It is the small changes we make each and every day that make the real impact in our lives, isn’t it? From exercise to nutrition to mind-body connection – we know this as practitioners.

Consider asking your patients to SHARE their new story as one small change that could set the wheels in motion to gain chiropractic referrals and, better yet, to impact more lives positively.

So, let’s review the Story Cycle:

  1. Get
  2. Share
  3. Shape
  4. Send

When done well, by intentional Docs and Chiropractic Assistants, the story has a very happy ending, for all! Patients start care and stay under care. Then they go back out into the world and tell everyone they know.

Lives change. Families change. Communities change.

It all starts with one vital first step – The Empathic Connection.