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This week I had the pleasure of teaching at on of America’s finest high schools – The Pingree School in Hamilton, MA.

I was asked to deliver a Health and Wellness talk that had a message geared toward environmental consciousness and Earth Day.

I made the argument that the Wellness Lifestyle is far more sustainable than the Standard American Sickness Lifestyle. I cited the negative impact of industrial farming, sedentary living and toxic, dis-connected belief systems. I highlighted the burden of obesity, consumption, waste and pollution…and punctuated it all with the indirect impact that the resultant sickness and medical management that inevitably follows.

Pictures of medical waste speak volumes.

Versus: 100 patients’ “waste” that morning in our office:

The message was direct and clear – and extremely well received. They have asked me to design the curriculum for their Wellness Education for the entire school. They are sending 25 student teachers to observe in the clinic and they want me to deliver a school wide assembly on the benefits of the Wellness Lifestyle to staff, students and families.

Earth Day. Find opportunity everywhere.