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Check out this week’s vlog where Dr. Stephen Franson and Dr. Jason Deitch unpack how to implement your body signals system, so your practice experiences ongoing patient attraction and retention in this valuable video.

The ‘How-Tos’ on Your Body Signals System

In this video, you will learn how to USE your Chiropractic Body Signals Program.

Here are the topics, minute by minute.

[MIN 2:00] How to relieve the pain of coming up with monthly body signals topics. This system allows us to relax and let the process unfold as people anticipate the next message,  including patients, staff & doctors.

[MIN 6:30] Exactly how to promote within your office: Remember, your energy will match your outcomes when you introduce this concept. Understand the heart, head, hands & feet idea.

[MIN 8:45] The Best February Body Signals topic of the month – “Flu season and ways to leverage the post holiday hangover and pains of the harsh winter.

[MIN 14:00] Ways to explain and educate patients about chiropractic principals; which shifts your patients focus away from symptoms and onto chiropractic body signals; only then will it truly click.

[MIN 16:30] Two BIG KEY FACTORS to getting more butts in seats through patient promotion both in practice & online.

[MIN 24:00] The important and method to connect the dots about the correlation between spine and nervous system and body signals to be impactful; Then will they realize you are not making it up!

[MIN 32:00] Setting the stage for the close during the workshop. Remove the mystery of the process by being intentional with your workshop: Steps – 1. win over your audience, 2. become relatable, 3. educate on the concepts, 4. share several success stories, 5. ask whether they can relate & 6. ASK for ONLY THE NEXT STEP.

[39:00 MIN] Best practices of workshops: Passion, Authenticity, Principals. ALWAYS ASK.

[41:45 MIN] What you need to know to GET GOING with your workshop programs. HINT: Just start.


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