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I hated the idea of scripting.  I believe that I am a decent communicator.  I am very comfortable and confident delivering information – especially to patients.  I couldn’t imagine the need for or the benefit of scripting.  And then I started growing.

Despite my ramblings with my patients, my practice grew.  I couldn’t tell you what I said, specifically, but I knew it was good.  I think.  I am sure that I told every one of them all of the critical information that they’d need to have the best experience and results. I think…I must have done something right.  After all, I was growing…

Every single patient interaction – new ones, report of findings, recommendations for care, workshops, etc – is a crucial communication.  You are trying to change behaviors, deep-seeded behaviors.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Don’t let exchanges get side-ways.  Keep the message on track.  Figure out what is the most important thing for them to hear and script it.

Now go get scripted,

Stephen Franson