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I don’t know about you, but I think that it can be easy to get over-whelmed by and often fall behind with your Marketing Calendar, namely your workshops.

If you truly list out each moving part, it can look something like this:

  • Planning Stage
  • Promotional Elements
  • Team Training Requirements
  • Marketing Meetings
  • Preparation Steps
  • Execution and Delivery
  • Close and…
  • Follow-Up and Follow-Through

Wow! That is a lot.

Before you know it – you feel like a part time wedding planner. The only difference is that THIS is NOT what you are trained to do AND PLANNING AND RUNNING EVENTS IS NOT YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSION [probably for a good reason too!]

If you are like me there are times when you have just had it. You’ve said enough is enough and the next thing that you know, you just back-off your marketing efforts entirely. The thing is, although this is understandable, it is definitely not a good idea.

Nothing can kill the momentum of your practice like abandoning your marketing. You see, even if it happens for just a month or two, it can be detrimental.

We are on a Mission – and Big Pharma is not letting up, so neither can we!

So we have got to get smarter about it.


  • Have a TEAM that knows the PLAN
  • Be TRAINED  and EQUIPPED to EXECUTE our plan.
  • Assign a Team Member as the OWNER of the plan.
  • REPORT on it.
  • Hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE.
  • But the most important step? We must SYSTEMATIZE our plan.

The Body Signals Program is a perfect example of this type of plan, because all of the moving parts are accounted for. Every element included in each CAMPAIGN repeats each month.

Docs, here is your Golden Nugget — Your real HOW TO:


  1. Pick a Theme
  2. Create a Master Image
  3. Social Media (Facebook) Event Page
  4. Event Brite
  5. Social Media Posts
  6. In Office (DTECK) Power Point Slideshow
  7. Postcard promoting Workshop
  8. Business Card Referral Coupon
  9. Blogs
  10. Social Media Posts
  11. Relevant Testimonials
  12. Articles of the Week
  13. Email blasts / Drip email campaign
  14. Landing Page and Registration
  15. Traditional Media (Radio / newspaper / tv)
  16. Local Social Media / News sites (ex:
  17. PR – Press Release
  18. Table Talk (“Tic”)
  19. Front Desk “Tic”
  20. Front Desk Registration (Hard Copy)
  21. In Office Flyers and Posters
  22. Local Sites for Flyers and Posters (Cafe / Schools / Churches / Gyms)

I know that there is a lot here, but remember – you are creating a SYSTEM or a reproducible process. You must recruit others to help you execute it.

This is the key to fully leveraging your Body Signals workshops. And leverage will help you help more people with less effort from you.

“Help me help you!” 

With the clean, step by step system in motion, you will experience better results from less time and energy spent and also make a big impact.

Look at you – you’re starting to look like a Marketer On Purpose.