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Step 3: Shape Their New Story

Last week we dove right into the Story Cycle concept with Steps 1 & 2: Get Their Story & Share the Chiropractic Story (Our Story). Our over arching topic is new patient conversion and growth of your practice! After establishing your empathetic connection and learning your new patients health story – It’s time to do the most pivotal thing you as a Doc can do, which is to help make a change in their life to Shape Their New Health Story.

Because you’ve all been highly trained in Chiropractic, I am not here to re-educate you on all the How-To’s to showing your patients a better way to health. But, now is the time to do it. Once you’ve gained rapport and trust, that’s when you can truly change a willing person’s health. Better yet, you can show them a better way to health through regular adjustments and a fully integrated lifestyle.

Patients that understand and trust you, will now start to change their everyday behaviors and therefore experience real results. As they ENGAGE with us and START CARE, they’re empowered and energized by this new knowledge and perspective.

Over time as you care for your patients, they will view health in a completely different way and begin to regain their health! EXCITING!

Make no mistake your patients they will never look at their body, health or life the same way again.

They will have a New Health Story.

What can they do with this new story to make a real impact? Next time on TRP blog!

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