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In our previous post, I talked about the importance of establishing new patient connection during that consultation that is honest and empathetic, if you’d like to see them again and again and again. It is in this first step when we take a walk in their shoes, we recognize that all they want to feel welcomed and understood by their healthcare providers and coaches.

Next, I am going to take you to a whole new level of understanding this process by breaking it down into what we call the Story Cycle.

The Story Cycle gives process and rhythm to this personal and vital connection you create with new patients.

There are effectively FOUR steps or phases in The Story Cycle. Today we will discuss Steps 1 & 2 in the cycle.

Step 1: Get Their Story!

So, it may seem like nothing new here, but there are specific steps to gathering a patient’s story that make all the difference when it comes to conversion. So listen up!

This process is largely done during your New Patient Consultation. It can actually be done by the Doc or the CA – it really doesn’t matter as long as the right steps are followed to gather the information.

Give them some space to talk about their story and frankly, why they are there. Ask them to pointed questions about the “Life Effect” of their current health issues.

Check out Chiropractic Assistant Module 14 for the “4 Agreements” which takes you even deeper into the “How-To’s” of this discussion. If you want access to Module 14 – learn about how to become a TRP Academy Member here.

A pivotal moment during this consultation takes place when you recap the new patient’s concerns and goals back to them and ask for confirmation that you’ve heard them correctly. This establishes that you’re in agreement and that you were also, truly listening.

Here is where you take the time to make an empathetic connection to affirm that their concerns are legitimate and you may understand as you’ve experienced similar feelings about your health and what have you.

Now you’ve created a new patient connection as they realize: “She/He gets me!”

Pay attention here: If the Chiropractic Assistant is the one to gather the new patient’s story, they must relay the story to the DC in front of the new patient. It is very important to recap the Doc in front of the patient to be certain everyone is in agreement and aware of this patient’s story.

Once again, a more thorough explanation of this process can be found in our Academy in the New Patient Concierge episode and the 33 Most Critical Questions To Ask a Patient List. Once again, not a member? Consider becoming one for more value!

OK Docs, now that the patients knows you GET THEM, you can be confident they are open and available to share your story. Which brings us to…

Step 2: Share Our Story – The Chiropractic Story

It’s time to muster up all the passion and conviction you have for your profession to talk about the Chiropractic Story. Help your new patient see that we come from a DIFFERENT approach. We look for the CAUSE of a problem, not a symptom. We are on their side and are seeking DIRECT and MEASURABLE results for their specific concerns and issues. You may want to share WHY you got into this career in the first place.

Do everything you can to share and educate at this pivotal moment in the discussion so you can move the needle to just the very next step. Don’t feel you need to overload them with all the specifics of the HOW you will do it or rush them to the end result. Rather, educate them enough about the broad understanding of the chiropractic approach, so they feel confident in their decision to come back to you and trust you.