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When it comes to new patient conversion, where do you start? Are you rushing through the process to get them to commit like a used care salesman? Heck no! You already know that much, but you may still struggle to make it part of a process on day 1.

You might even find yourself stumbling in conversation or the conversation is pleasant, but not deep enough to connect- trailing off in random directions with no real purpose.

The next few weeks, our blog topics will focus on this very important and sensitive topic! The number one way to drive new patient conversions repeatedly is to connect.

Recent health surveys have shown that patients actually rank empathy very high in choosing their healthcare professional – much higher, in fact, than variables like expertise or cost. Truth is the top three highest priorities were conviction, passion and empathy.

As purpose driven Chiropractors, who better to deliver on that? We can OWN this aspect of patient service. Who is more passionate and empathetic?

At the end of the day, a patient wants to know that you care and that you “GET IT”.

In an unconnected world, people literally crave connection. The fastest way to dissolve anxiety and fear and guarantee that there will be a Day 2 visit to your office is to take honest interest and learn your patients story. Keeping in mind, NOT connecting is fastest way to drive a new patient out the door to never be seen again. It is a powerful tool in that way.

Everyone in the office must emit this warmth and empathy like an aroma inviting patients inside for a cup of tea. It needs to be a living, breathing vibe in your office, both with your staff and your office aesthetics. That means building your practice with your patients in mind!

Every patient has their story and in this month’s discussion about connecting and converting new patients, we focus on the more specific path to learning and grabbing hold of their story. This is what we call The Story Cycle. If you are good at what you do, this process gives you a chance to dip into your patient’s lives and become a part of their story. As a result, they may bring their friends and family to you – which is what we call a win-win-win.

So follow me this month as we unpack and dissect this topic more specifically – stay tuned!

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