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So, you’ve gone through the interviewing process and found your new Remarkable Chiropractic Assistant. Congrats! You’re all set to go, right? Wait, your chiropractic coach says not so fast! It’s time to properly on-board and train your new CA! If you want this to be a lasting relationship, you must be prepared.

Today, I will share with you all part 1 of our 10 Steps To On-Boarding a New Chiropractic Assistant. After 20 years of coaching chiropractors, I know this is a critical timeframe that can make or break your hire.

Let’s get started —

1. New Patient Orientation Work Shop –

Be sure to have every new Chiropractic Assistant hire attend your New Patient Orientation work shop: “Better Results, Faster”. In a perfect world, we suggest you take this a step in your interview process. But if timing isn’t right, just be certain it lands FIRST on your on-boarding to do list.

If your workshop is not up to par, now is the time to make it everything it needs to be and more. Check out The 3 Things That Must Be In Your New Patient Workshop.

2. New Hire Orientation –

Leverage the TRP New Hire Orientation Culture Deck to review and showcase the key cultural elements  that make your practice Remarkable! Okay, you may be wondering what that is if you’re not a TRP Academy member yet. The culture deck is a resource we provide our members to pinpoint and outline your practice’s culture for new hires.

If you need some guidance here –  what are you waiting for?

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3. Expectations & Agreements Review –

With any new hire, it’s vital to be up front about every single expectation you have for your employee and what expectations they should have for you. This needs to be outlined in an organized and easy to access manner.

For TRP Members, this means use the Practice Time Value Accounts to do a comprehensive review of the working parts of each area of the practice. This is a job description conversation. As an experienced chiropractic coach for practices, I talk A LOT about job descriptions and how they shape our expectations and establish clarity between the Docs and their staff. Ultimately, serving up success for the practice.

4. The Remarkable Practice Score Card –

Our Academy members receive a TRP Score Card outline with the Top 3 Objectives and the Top 5 Priorities or Action Steps for each Team Member (or Chiropractic Assistant). This is an awesome resource that truly helps define the goals and objectives of each person on your staff. Once again, clarifying expectations, but also nailing down HOW each member will be evaluated. We want to avoid surprises and confusion at all costs. Don’t unfairly set your new team members up for failure.

5. New Patient Experience –

Best of all, you must take every new Chiropractic Assistant Hire through their own new patient process. This is not just a mock training exercise! This is their own personal new patient experience soup to nuts. Make sure they have their own personal epiphany during this process. Don’t rush it and let their story unravel in front of you. You may learn a thing or two about your new hire that you didn’t find out in the interview process.

So there you have it! The first 5 of 10 steps to on-boarding a new CA.

Coming soon we will share the second half of this list. If you like what you see and you’re eager to get your hands on our on-boarding resources, I strongly suggest you take a peek inside the Academy.