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In our practice, we utilized the Wellness Paradigm. We addressed each patient’s journey towards Wellness Care in 3 distinct stages, with the final stage as the new patient re-commitment stage.

  1. Initial Intensive Care – Stabilize the problem and stop the damage.
  2. Corrective Care – The objective is to retrain the spine, function and health.
  3. Wellness Care OR Maintenance Care – Continue the care at the same trajectory OR Maintain their new level of health to protect their progress.

From a Top-Level Review:

The Initial Intensive Care stage is the first 4 months of care. Because visit frequency varies based on technique, we will reserve a discussion of visit frequency for the Protocols Module. At the end of the Initial Intensive Care – we then conduct a Re-Examination and Re-Report (The R4). Again, in our office this marks the 4 month mark.

As long as the patient is progressing as expected, we “graduate them to Corrective Care” at the R4. Our Corrective Care Plan is a 12 Month Plan of care. In fact, all subsequent plans are 12 month plans. If the patient commits to continuing the Corrective Care process, we will instruct the Front Desk specifically. This includes a direct recommendation of visit frequency, adjunct consultations or resources and a request to review the financial plans and arrangements.

If at this point the patient hedges on moving forward in Corrective Care, find out why and recommend maintenance care. Be clear about the goals and objectives of maintenance care and get a strong commitment.

If they have decided to discontinue care entirely, connect with that person and listen.

It’s time to stop and listen to their reasons as to why they have come to this conclusion. Do not become defensive, be their advocate. Encourage them to continue, but do not strong-arm them.

Remember, you’ve had 4 months to “Re-Convert” this patient. Trying to change this person’s mind on the day of Re-conversion is like the spouse that tries to make up for a lousy year on Valentines’ Day.

If they are going to discontinue at this point, let them go. But make sure that it is under your LEADERSHIP. Remind them that their progress will slide backwards and that their problems will most likely return. Then, they’ll have to start over again. But ultimately and kindly, they are always welcomed back.

In keeping with our “Marriage Analogy”.

  • The New Patient Day 1 is the first date
  • Day 2 is the second date
  • The Conversion and Commitment is the ENGAGEMENT.
  • Workshop is Valentine’s Day
  • Progress Exams are Birthdays
  • Table Talk is our everyday communications
  • And the re-commitment is really the WEDDING DAY!

Remember: Great relationships happen all year long. So don’t wait for the BIG DAY to find out if they are in or they are OUT.

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