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I would have to say that the New Patient Workshop or Orientation has been the key communication that has built our practice – hands down. I believe that the workshop is the most important communication that any patient ever experiences. Frankly, I don’t believe that you can over-state the value of it.

If done properly, the new patient workshops can change people’s lives forever while also changing your practice forever.

Today, I’d like to drill down on the purpose of your workshops including best practices and explanations of the most effective way to approach your workshops.

The purpose of your New Patient Workshop or Orientation is 3 fold:

  1. Create Paradigm shift – Break through
  2. Must Add Value – Help them get better results faster
  3. Be Compelling – Produce Referrals

So, let’s discuss #1 – Create a Paradigm Shift.

We are in the Belief System business. As we’ve discussed time and time again, if patients are going to get better outcomes, they are going to have to change their behaviors.

To get someone to change their behaviors, they have to change their belief system. Why? Because our behaviors drive our outcomes AKA results.

Ipso facto, we have to change the way that people THINK starting with the new patient workshops!

Your workshop is the best place to get this done. I rely on my workshop to get the heavy lifting done as far as paradigm shifting is concerned. I want the patient to have an epiphany or a break-through. Space and time is required to accomplish that with them.

The Anatomy of a Break Through: [A reminder for you TRP Academy members! If its new to you, come tour this complete system for your growing practice.]

  1. Person must be AVAILABLE
  2. There must be an INTENTION
  3. He/she must recognize that they are STUCK
  4. There needs to be an outside force – CATALYST
  5. Finally, a person experiences BREAKTHROUGH

Moving on to #2 – The Workshop Must Add Value to Their Lives [Better Results, Faster]

If you want people to attend workshop, bring people to it, rave about it and RETURN to your workshop – you MUST ADD VALUE in the workshop.

Let’s face it, we’re weirdos and health nuts. We are crazy about Chiropractic but most of our patients are not yet. So, when we ask patients to attend our Weekly Wellness Workshop we say things like:

“Attend this workshop and it will change your life… You will love it… Your family and friends will love it…”

But what they really want to know is… WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”

They want you to tell them in the new patient workshop that they will GET BETTER RESULTS FASTER!

We actually call our New Patient Orientation the “Better Results Faster Workshop”. If you do this, it will work wonders. But a warning: You must deliver on your promise. You can’t false advertise the value of the workshops. You must include information that specifically addresses this promise. If you do not – you will lose integrity – and your CERTAINTY around this.

Lastly, #3 – Workshop Must Be Compelling Enough To Recruit Them To Your Mission.

At the end of the day – the litmus test for an effective workshop comes down to your outcomes. Does it create ideal patients and your practice? Will it produce new patients? What about new referrals? Ultimately, does it produce greater retention?

Your New Patient Workshops should be able to stand alone.

Imagine that it was the only marketing or the only communication that you were allowed in your practice. Take some time to consider – would your workshop produce your ideal practice? If not, why not?

There are 5 Musts to Remarkable Workshops, It MUST:

  1. Be important to YOU
  2. Happen consistently
  3. Be mandatory – Policy
  4. Be compelling
  5. Add VALUE

Who attends:

  • New patients
  • Their guests
  • Existing Veteran Patients
  • Their guests
  • Your guests

I will leave you with some final New Patient Workshop Best Practices to remember.

  • Regular scheduling: Alternate Tues. Lunch and Weds. PM
  • Length: 45 – 60 mins
  • Make it Part of Your Written Patient Policy
  • Get your lunches catered
  • RSVP Tickets Registration on Facebook
  • Advertise with DTek Slide Signage

Put these modules and trainings to work starting this week! And watch what happens…

Don’t wait for your Workshop to be Perfect – the only thing that you can perfect is your intention – do it this week!

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