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Now that we’ve address the two most important factors for long-lasting relationships in last week’s blog Set Expectations and Honest Agreements, it’s time to dive deeper into the three expectation levels. Whether it’s the patient or practice member, defining the expectations is vital to the success of the relationship.

There are 3 Major Levels of Expectations to address:

1. Short-Term Expectations

2. Mid-Term Expectations

3. Long-Term Expectations

When it comes to shaping expectations, let’s discuss how you should address and approach each of the three types of expectations with your patients.

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Short Term Expectations

  • Focus on how they should expect an adjustment to “feel”. Put your new patients at ease and make sure that they know that there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • Always be accurate and describe the adjusting experience appropriately. This is especially important if your approach is more heavy-handed bar fight than light-touch, Jacuzzi experience.
  • ALWAYS explain how they may “feel” after the adjustment. They may feel better, or the same, or worse.
  • Help them understand what is happening with the adjustments [and why adjustments feel differently]. Better to discuss ahead of time instead of after the fact.
  • Address their symptoms. You are not using dangerous drugs to simply suppress symptoms. Instead you are working with the body to help it heal naturally. They will still experience symptoms of the problem, while they still have the problem.

    For instance, help them understand what a symptom, such as inflammation truly means.

Mid Term Expectations

  • I want patients to fully appreciate our partnership.
  • I cannot do this for you, but I will do this with you!
  • This is a journey you’re on together and each adjustment, each week, each month leads us to the long term benefits.
  • They should understand what’s expected of them. Remember: The Three Legged Stool.

Long Term Expectations

  • Tell them the truth that healthy is normal. There are proven strategies to stay well through life – look good, fell great, function better – throughout life.
  • Consider that the average person’s thoughts on getting older and ‘the end of life” reality feels very grim. Here is where we bring the confidence that what we do here matters for their longevity and quality of life.
  • Teach them that they have Influence and that their Behavior Matters. Each of their choices truly matter.
  • Recognize and praise them for making the smart choice of leveraging chiropractic care. A lifestyle success strategy for healthy human beings.

Define your role in their life as the person that helps them reach their health goals. When do you leave the person that helps you reach your goals? Never.

You are Remarkable.

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