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Day 3 of New Patient Conversion is what we call “The Break-In”. Though it does not seem like the most thrilling part of the conversion process, man is it vital. It’s time to get them situated and started strong. Retention is your focus now and it all starts with strongly setting expectations and agreements.

When the patient arrives for Day 3, their “First Regularly Scheduled Adjustment”, welcome them back and let them know what they should expect. Let them know that on a typical visit they simply Check-In and head-back on schedule to have the Doctor check their spine.

But today is an exception. We need to button-up the paper work and then give an orientation of the Adjustment Flow Process.

I am a big believer in setting expectations by pre-framing what will happen on any given visit.

Remember, this is all new to these people and your handling of these steps and the communications around them will set the tone. I want patients to feel cared for and informed, not confused and frustrated. Sit with the patient in a private or semi-private setting.

Use a clipboard with a check list to take the patient through the following steps:

  1. Make sure any open financial commitments are closed. Review the Financial Agreements Module in the TRP Academy to master addressing any confusion or objections.
  2. Address scheduling and explain how “mapping” works. The TRP CA Academy goes into an in-depth study of this scheduling process.
  3. Review your policies around scheduling and keeping appointments. Speak directly to patients and be clear about the importance and benefit of keeping their adjustment schedule.
  4. Schedule EVERY New Practice Member for a New Patient Orientation. This should not be considered “optional”.

    In keeping with setting expectations, I tell patients:

    “You have a lot to learn in order to get the best results. I am sure that you still have some questions about your care. For your convenience we have organized this information for you into a New Patient Orientation. We call it our “Better Results Faster” workshop. You will love it. You can do this Orientation on Tuesday at lunch or Weds in the the evening.

    This is the perfect opportunity for you to bring your spouse or friend to learn more about what chiropractic can do for them. Who would you like to bring with you?”

  5. Family Check-Up Policy. I hope that you have a Family Check-Up Policy. In our practice we extend a complete Consultation and Examination to all family members at OUR EXPENSE for 2 weeks following the Report of Findings.

Remarkable Practices are filled with great patients. Patients who know and own their role in their care and in our Mission.

Your patients want to be great patients, because great patients get the best results. Day 3 is your chance to teach them how.

Psst! Make sure to frame all of your policies in a positive light: “These Office Policies are simply guard-rails that will protest your experience and ensure you the best results…”