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As promised, this week we will go over the final portion of the workshop. I talk specifically about how to effectively close your body signals workshops to get new patients to book their initial consult on site. You will notice I strongly utilize case studies and engagement with the audience to make a real impact. […]

If your Check-in/Check-Out CA team is the champion of your Patient Process then your Back Office Chiropractic Assistant is the Guardian of Office Procedure. Now, you may be thinking ‘what is the difference between your office process vs procedure’? Process refers to the chiropractic patient’s experience, meaning it is what the patient sees, hears and feel whereas your procedures […]

If your Boss of Today is the Check-In Chiropractic Assistant [CA], the Boss of Tomorrow is your Check-Out CA. Their primary role in your practice is to protect, promote and enforce the office policies. Keep in mind, these office policies are the guardrails that protect the patients experience, longevity – and results.

Typically, a Docs first hire is the Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant – who, at minimum, plays 2 Major Roles: Check-In AND Check Out Assistant. The evolution of this position eventually divides it into two distinct positions in your office. This “specialization” typically happens around a volume of 150 – 200 visits per week…depending of course […]