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Want to give your team a REAL end of year bonus? How about an unforgettable team training in warm, sunny Arizona in the dead of winter! The Remarkable Practice Team Building Live Immersion will take place January 12-13, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Are you wondering, “Why Attend An Immersion?”… Get 6 months’ worth of Training […]

If you’ve been following this series as we dive into Remarkable Chiropractic Team Building, then you already know the first 5 Steps to this list from this previous post. The remaining 5 steps really put together the pieces for any CA. The final steps include some awesome TRP resources in the Academy – so if […]

So, you’ve gone through the interviewing process and found your new Remarkable Chiropractic Assistant. Congrats! You’re all set to go, right? Wait, your chiropractic coach says not so fast! It’s time to properly on-board and train your new CA! If you want this to be a lasting relationship, you must be prepared. Today, I will […]

We all want to see more chiropractic patients, help more people AND make a great living doing it! BUT we also want to have more free time, so that we can have a LIFE. However, in order to grow your practice and gain back your time, you’ve got to have better chiropractic systems. Systems for new patient attraction, conversion, retention […]

If your Boss of Today is the Check-In Chiropractic Assistant [CA], the Boss of Tomorrow is your Check-Out CA. Their primary role in your practice is to protect, promote and enforce the office policies. Keep in mind, these office policies are the guardrails that protect the patients experience, longevity – and results.