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In our practice, we utilized the Wellness Paradigm. We addressed each patient’s journey towards Wellness Care in 3 distinct stages, with the final stage as the new patient re-commitment stage. Initial Intensive Care – Stabilize the problem and stop the damage. Corrective Care – The objective is to retrain the spine, function and health. Wellness […]

Last week we reviewed the power of progress exams in creating GREATER CLARITY for our patients.  Now it’s time to unpack the next Remarkable Patient Retention Mechanism in the patient process: The Progress Report. For the sake of review – we discovered that the real Value of the Progress Exam and Progress Report has been […]

I have had the pleasure to observe dozens of the world’s most successful chiropractors. Every one of them a genius in their own way. Each Chiropractor is unique in their approach to clinical care, team leadership and marketing. It is incredible how different these practices are – it’s amazing, actually! But what really sticks out […]

I would have to say that the New Patient Workshop or Orientation has been the key communication that has built our practice – hands down. I believe that the workshop is the most important communication that any patient ever experiences. Frankly, I don’t believe that you can over-state the value of it. If done properly, […]