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We’ve reviewed 5 of the Big 7 Pitfalls when it comes to Remarkable Retention. Typically, I’d dive next into Expectations as number 6, but I’ve beaten up the expectations topic enough recently. [If you missed it find more on it here] So I will save you some time and head to the final of the Big […]

Last week we reviewed the power of progress exams in creating GREATER CLARITY for our patients.  Now it’s time to unpack the next Remarkable Patient Retention Mechanism in the patient process: The Progress Report. For the sake of review – we discovered that the real Value of the Progress Exam and Progress Report has been […]

In my book, re-conversion or “re-commitment” should be the ultimate goal for your practice. Patient retention strongly depends on the foundation you’ve laid in your education and relationship thus far. My Dad always said – “It’s not about being invited… it’s all about being invited back. The “Re-conversion” is being invited back!”

As Chiropractors we are both practitioners and a business owners; therefore we wear many hats and today, my friend, you will get a quick lesson compelling copywriting! [at least for our purposes]. You know when you are watching a movie and some quirky character throws the “big party” and no one shows up? What a letdown. Although most Chiropractors […]

I am very “happy” to announce the launch of our long-awaited TheThirdBird Book of the Month Club! The first book that we will feature is Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage. In his Harvard University class by the same name; Shawn advanced the discussion around happiness and how it influences experiences and outcomes – and even predicts […]

When it comes to your promotional calendar, Outside Speaking can be the absolute best ROI (ROM: Return on Money, ROE – Return on Energy, ROT: Return on Time and ROF: Return on Focus). Or it can be your worst. Skip these Best Practices and Vital Behaviors at your own expense.

One of the greatest coaches in chiropractic today, CJ Mertz, was once questioned about the most critical elements of New Patient Communication in regards to RETENTION…Pre-Consultation was his answer. I must concur… Every patient shows-up to your office with 2 things in common: A pre-existing belief system (that differs from yours) and a clear set […]

Nothing solidifies a patient’s commitment to care like a solid testimonial. Great results don’t build practices on their own…Testimony to the Benefits of Chiropractic build a practice. The simple, but profound act of putting pen to paper can create a transformational experience for a patient and leave them thinking “Hey, Wow, Chiropractic has changed my […]

Start this exercise off by answering the following question: Under what circumstances would you kick a patient out of your practice? At what point would you rather lose the patient than lose your integrity?   All too often the process of establishing office policies looks a little like this: “Hey, Dr. Buddy, can you fax me […]