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We’ve reviewed 5 of the Big 7 Pitfalls when it comes to Remarkable Retention. Typically, I’d dive next into Expectations as number 6, but I’ve beaten up the expectations topic enough recently. [If you missed it find more on it here] So I will save you some time and head to the final of the Big […]

In my book, re-conversion or “re-commitment” should be the ultimate goal for your practice. Patient retention strongly depends on the foundation you’ve laid in your education and relationship thus far. My Dad always said – “It’s not about being invited… it’s all about being invited back. The “Re-conversion” is being invited back!”

As Chiropractors we are both practitioners and a business owners; therefore we wear many hats and today, my friend, you will get a quick lesson compelling copywriting! [at least for our purposes]. You know when you are watching a movie and some quirky character throws the “big party” and no one shows up? What a letdown. Although most Chiropractors […]

I am very “happy” to announce the launch of our long-awaited TheThirdBird Book of the Month Club! The first book that we will feature is Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage. In his Harvard University class by the same name; Shawn advanced the discussion around happiness and how it influences experiences and outcomes – and even predicts […]

Nothing solidifies a patient’s commitment to care like a solid testimonial. Great results don’t build practices on their own…Testimony to the Benefits of Chiropractic build a practice. The simple, but profound act of putting pen to paper can create a transformational experience for a patient and leave them thinking “Hey, Wow, Chiropractic has changed my […]

Start this exercise off by answering the following question: Under what circumstances would you kick a patient out of your practice? At what point would you rather lose the patient than lose your integrity?   All too often the process of establishing office policies looks a little like this: “Hey, Dr. Buddy, can you fax me […]

My wife has to ask my daughter, Emma, to do anything three times.  At three, she already knows that the third request is the threshold. The fourth time is the “no-go” zone.  Massachusetts State Troopers let you drive 75 MPH in the fourth lane on weekday mornings, before 7 a.m.  Not 76.  My cruise control […]