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Great Testimonials Don't Just Happen...

Great Testimonials Don’t Just Happen…

Nothing solidifies a patient's commitment to care like a solid testimonial. Great results don't build practices on their own...Testimony to the Benefits of Chiropractic build a practice. The simple, but profound act of putting pen ... Read More >
Writing Office Policies

Writing Office Policies

Start this exercise off by answering the following question: Under what circumstances would you kick a patient out of your practice? At what point would you rather lose the patient than lose your integrity?   All ... Read More >
You Need a Great Coach

You Need a Great Coach

This blog does not replace a great coach.  Yes you’ll get great ideas and inspiration, but a coach is so much more.  I have enjoyed incredible personal and professional growth due to incredible coaching. A ... Read More >
You Don't Get What You Want, You Get What You Tolerate

You Don’t Get What You Want, You Get What You Tolerate

My wife has to ask my daughter, Emma, to do anything three times.  At three, she already knows that the third request is the threshold. The fourth time is the “no-go” zone.  Massachusetts State Troopers ... Read More >
Let Me Tell You the 11 Reasons Why I Don't Need to be Scripted

Let Me Tell You the 11 Reasons Why I Don’t Need to be Scripted

I hated the idea of scripting.  I believe that I am a decent communicator.  I am very comfortable and confident delivering information – especially to patients.  I couldn’t imagine the need for or the benefit ... Read More >