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When was the last time your practice, and your life, had a financial report of findings? Listen to my good friend and my financial guru, Garrett Gunderson, share the secret sauce for breaking the framework in which you are viewed professionally. Garrett is my family’s financial chiropractor; the wisdom he has will unfold financial truths and […]

Do you want to effectively market your practice? Today’s coffee break is with the legendary Joe Polish. Join me and Joe with a hot cup of Joe 😉 and discover what business you’re really in (HINT: it’s NOT the Chiropractor business)… What is the real patient pain that you should focus on (it’s NOT their […]

If you’ve got six minutes and eight seconds to spare today, grab a cup of coffee and go watch this video to see where you can find the BEST patients in your community. In this short video, you’ll not only find a rock-solid way to bring in a steady stream of new patients, you’ll also […]

It is time to dive deeper into how you can declare your insurance independence. Listen as Dr. Patrick Gentempo teaches the 7 step process to make the transition to a non-insurance dependent practice and why you have struggles and pain in your practice. And learn the secret to making your education work so you can […]

There’s a glaring weakness in many practices… Not only does this have dire implications for the success or failure of your practice – it often keeps people from sticking around long enough to see results from your work. But you can discover how to remove the threat and why it is so important… and what […]

You’ve seen it a hundred times… That moment when the light bulb goes off in your patient’s mind… and they finally understand what Chiropractic care means for their life… If you want to experience a powerful shift in the way you view profit, wealth and money – with similar life-changing implications – you need to […]

If you’re like me, you want more than just a remarkable practice – you want a remarkable LIFE… And you can have both by following simple strategies like those revealed in this coffee break video: [youtube][/youtube] You don’t want to be one of those D.C.’s who gets so busy saving the world that you lose […]

How can you not LOVE this guy? Unless of course you are Off-Purpose, Off-Message, Off-Principle – or just plain “OFF”. Matt Hubbard for President! Go Be Remarkable – like Matt! Video Transcription Stephen Franson: Hello everybody. Welcome back to the Remarkable Practice. I’m Doctor Stephen Franson and I’m here with Doctor Matt Hubbard. So this […]