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One of my MVP360 clients wanted to know…

"How do you deal with the insurance question during new patient exams?" So, here is a video clip: ... Read More >

Want to be happier? Could it be this simple?

We all want to be happier. Even the happiest among us want to be happier still. Know this: Harvard University is deeply engaged in the study of happy people. They have teased-out the common traits ... Read More >
Choose Better Tomorrows Today

Choose Better Tomorrows Today

Quality of Life Trajectory This graphic is highly flexible and could represent an infinite number of factors that are associated with QOL (Quality of Life): physical health, emotional well-being, financial security, happiness and fulfillment…for the ... Read More >
TheThirdBird's Rockstar Interview

TheThirdBird’s Rockstar Interview

Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne has asked me to do a Rockstar Interview on Mon, Feb 14th at 3 pm EST...nice.   We will be posting the interview soon ... Read More >