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Let’s talk about your New Year’s Goals for 2017 –

How would you like to find more free time next year and still experience growth and success in your practice by simply focusing on team building?

Impossible, right?

So, what if I told you it isn’t? Because it’s not!

How would you like to add this to your New Year’s Resolution list?

Build a TEAM DRIVEN PRACTICE that allows you to:

  1. Increase your productivity
  2. Drive sustainable growth
  3. Free up your time
  4. Find more peace of mind

If that sounds good to you – here is an opportunity for you West Coast Docs to do exactly that at our REMARKABLE TEAM BUILDING IMMERSION 2- DAY EVENT in SACRAMENTO, CA January 13-14, 2017!

Join myself and Dr. Allen Miner from Ideal Team as well as Coaches Kendra Hewitt & Melissa Marley for this expert training event.

Get 6 months of training in a 2-Day event on your side of the island! Because – what better way to kick off the New Year?

This is a chance to watch my team in action and get intensive, in-person training to help you find and retain World Class Team Members!

“Its one thing learning about this material on a computer and it’s a whole different experience being in this environment and atmosphere. You can go down the list of things you now want to implement, pick out what you want to do first and just take action on it.” – DC Attendee at Portsmouth, NH LIVE IMMERSION Sep 2016

Remarkable Team Building Live Immersion

So – while the holidays are almost here, don’t let them swerve you off the road of success in 2017, act now and GET 50% off with our SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING for yourself & 2 team members:

Remarkable Team Building Live Immersion

I want nothing more than to help you get to where you need to be in 2017.

The Super Early Bird won’t last long so sign up TODAY!

To Your Success!

Stephen Franson, DC