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I have taken care of nearly 10,000 patients over the last 15 years. If I’ve learned anything about helping people get healthier it’s this:

You must make it easier for people to make healthier choices.

Staples came-up with a brilliant advertising campaign several years ago featuring The Easy Button.

Within weeks, nearly every desk in America had an Easy Button on it. Simple, and strangely satisfying, just smack the Easy Button and hear a reassuring recording validate your sentiment…”That was Easy.”

Staff meetings, trainings and even family discussions could all be had around this little plastic button – a powerful gavel that could end the most complex problem solving session with a single, conclusive phrase. Easy.

Life should function with an Easy Button mentality.

In this information age we have entered into a new level of choices, complexity and confusion. People don’t necessarily need more information, they need illumination. Leaders of today must rise above the chatter and deliver direction and insight that prompts a collective: “That was Easy!”
Real Influencers know that their job is to inspect, collect and connect. If you want to add value to the people around you, be the one who inspects all of the information surrounding a topic. Read, study, listen…discern. Collect from this mass of information the relevant and valuable nuggets that people can put into action immediately. Tease out the threads of wisdom, gather the gems and organize them into a salient, useful message and then share them. People prosper when they are given access to the right information – “Know this…Do this….” Connect them to the information they need and end confusion. Confusion creates paralysis.
Choose to be extraordinary wherever you find yourself today. Make it easier for people to be successful. You have mastery and insight around something in your life that others find confusing. Cut through the clutter for them. Make it consumable, accessible and above all, make it easy.
Now get to it.
Dr. Stephen Franson

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