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You don’t get to pick and choose what patients watch.  The truth is that they are watching everything.  Act accordingly.

There are three categories of retention that are relevant to this blog:  1. Patient Retention 2. Staff (I will refer to them as “Team”) Retention and  3. Doctor Retention.

We could make the fatal mistake of skipping the discussion around numbers two and three and focus solely – and largely in vain – on number one.  But we won’t.  There is no sense gaining mastery around the first when mismanagement of the second and third could undermine the whole effort.

Frankly, you can’t expect great patients to stick around if great Team members won’t.  We will dive this subject together regularly and deeply.  Please leave your pride and self-centeredness at the door.

The third category is the most commonly over-looked: Doctor Retention.  Put simply, you are the bonfire at this party.  Your light, your energy and your heat are the vital elements that move the pistons of your practice.  You must be on – all the time.  You are the shepherd, the Sherpa, the chiropractic burning bush in your town.  It’s in your eyes, in your words and in your hands.

You can’t expect patients to show up regularly if you don’t.  You’ve got to be “whole”. This role calls for you to be on time, on purpose and on fire.  You must see yourself as a finely tuned machine that has been blessed with a clear mission, unique skills and definite needs.  You must live like you are going to practice until you are 100.   Every choice you make, every day, must reflect this presumption.  Face-it, you are going to be a lot better and smarter when you are 70 – your town will need you.  Start acting like it.

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Stephen Franson

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