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20/20 Vision is a phrase used to express normal visual acuity; in other words

the clarity or sharpness of your vision.

Generally – this term is used in the context of the sense of sight…

In a different sense of the word – Vision is an aspirational description of what an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the future…It’s a picture of what success looks like that you keep in your mind’s eye.

What is YOUR 2020 Vision?

The Year 2020 is less than 4 years away…It seems incredible – I know.  It feels like we’ve just begun the 2000’s…and yet here we are…16 years later.

Think back to the turning of “Y2K” – does it seem like yesterday?  How quickly time has passed – and how quickly these next four years are sure to follow.


Do you have a Vision for 2020? 

If you have ever experienced the pleasurable torture of assembling a difficult jigsaw puzzle, then you can appreciate the value of a clear and detailed image.  Think of how challenging it is to reconstruct a 500 piece puzzle.  Everyone starts with the low hanging fruit…working their way around the border with the flat-edged pieces lining up first.  Next there are clusters of pieces formed using the hints of color hues and fine lines.  We scour the pieces looking for telling details that we pull from the image on the puzzle box cover.  Every shape helps, every shade is a clue.  Then these clusters fit together – slowly…and then we have break-throughs – and finally, it is complete.  So difficult – and so satisfying.

Can you imagine how difficult that puzzle would be to complete without the image on the Puzzle box Cover?

I will suggest that your Vision for your practice will be one of the hardest puzzles that you ever try to create.  Unfortunately, I see far too many doctors operating without an image on their puzzle box.


What is the image on Your Puzzle Box Cover?

A challenge faced by many leaders is getting their Teams to rally arrange a Vision and bring it to fruition.  Often, leaders will feel as if they are alone in the battle – struggling to get their Teams to “buy in” and help manifest the Vision.

I have felt this frustration myself – in fact – it was a major source of frustration for me in my early years of practice.  Why did I feel like I was the only one that could see it?

And then someone asked me to describe my Vision to them….They shut their eyes and waited.

I fumbled through a wordy and awkward diatribe – using quantity to make up for my lack of clarity.

My patient listener kindly interrupted me after a while and said:

“Help me see it.”

This one statement changed everything for me – quite literally.  Once I was challenged to describe “What success looks like” to someone else; I was forced to get specific – granular in the details.  I had to use words and descriptors that brought my Vision to life.   And once I could tell this story to others – in a compelling and purposeful way – I could recruit them to help me create it.


“Can you tell others to shut their eyes – so that they can see what you see?”

The more detailed and colorful – the more specific and exact – the better.

Use numbers and adjectives.  Use timelines and dates.  Use all the senses and emotions that will help others “see” the story and want to join you in the march.

My 2020 Vision is to Introduce 1 Million New Patients to Chiropractic Care through 5,556 TRP Chiropractors Seeing 16 Additional New Patients Per Month, Every Month by Jan 1st, 2020.



What is your 2020 Vision?

I’m going to shut my eyes…Help me see it.

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Checking Spines and Changing Minds,

Stephen Franson, DC