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I think that every chiropractor should be required to raise a 5 year old before they are allowed to run a practice.  My son, Sam, calls me on my stuff all the time. “Well, how come don’t you have to do that, Daddy?”  I know I’m busted because the best response that I can find in the moment is usually so lame that it has to be punctuated with “…and because I’m the Daddy.”  Lame.

Our patients don’t want to be told, they want to be shown.   How are you living your life?  Are you the best patient in the practice?  Are you someone that they would want to be more like?  Are you healthy? Fit? Happy? Inspired?

If you want to be inspiring, be inspired.  You don’t get to choose leadership.  A group chooses you as their leader.  Patient retention is all about leadership and followship.  People follow for different reasons, but for the most part, it’s because they believe that you add value to their lives.

I’ve heard it said that attraction is about how you make someone feel about you, while retention is about how you make someone feel about themselves.  If you help someone see the greatness within them one time they will never forget you.  But if you help that someone see that greatness whenever they are around you, they will never leave you.

Now go live it,

Stephen Franson

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