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Doctors You Should Shadow

Marvin Aarnsdorf: Mighty Leader

Pat Anderson: Principled Master

Nick Araza: Ultimate Attitude

Michael Bilhauer: Calm Intensity

Michael Bishop: Loving Servant

Kirk and Sandra Childers: Love Givers

David Cretisinger: Peaceful Warrior

Jennifer Cretsinger: Warrior Woman

Ross Coccimiglio: Skillful Executor

John Demartini: Universal Mastery

Jesse Davis: Tirelessly Committed

Larry Dodd: Godly Kindness

Jen Espenshied: Intentional Giver

Chris Ehlich: Living Legacy

Brad Fackrell: Straight Shooter

Camilla Franson: Pure Kindness

Bob Graykowski: Gentle Warrior

Andrew and Lisa Hall: Loving Care-givers

Shane Hand: Servant Leader

John Hanna: Powerful Presence

Dwayne Hannam: Quiet Giant

Barb Hannam: Passionate Provider

Ryan Hewitt: Naturally Gifted

Heather Harris: Driven Spirit

Andrew Harris: Faithful Servant

Kalani Jose: Mi Hermano

Peter and Patty Kavorkian: Pure Love

Paul Kratka: Blood Brother

Christine Laliberte: Beautifully Strong

Chris Lauria: Principled Leader

Chris Leone: On Purpose

Robert Martines: Generous Soul

Mark McGowan: Tribal Leader

Michael McKelvey: Unselfish Service

Daniel Meineger: Perfect Professional

CJ Mertz: Mentor’s Mentor

Paul Milone: Wise Counselor

Allen Miner: Pure Purpose

Simon Moreau: Natural Leader

Angela O’Brien: Leader’s Leader

Tim O’Leary: Fine-Tuned

Bart Patzer: Purely Principled

Michael Polson: Ultimately Committed

Kevin Priestley: Big Love

Guy Riekeman: Unparalleled Servant

Joe Henry Rodriguez: Impassioned Sherpa

Natalie Rogers: Gifted Teacher

Jeffrey Rogers: Technical Excellence

Ed Rusher: Super Power

Ross Rutkowski: Chiropractic Warrior

Nathan Saj: Empathetic Leader

Ken Savage: Powerful Presence

Trond Seland: Gentle Giant

Matt Sweitz: Genuine Individual

Whitney Sweitz: Quiet Intensity

Kip Winget: Intense Love

Bruce Wong: Godly Leader